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Plastican Nestable Container

Sept. 15, 2009
Plastican Inc. introduces the 36BR, a lightweight, 4.25-gallon, rectangular plastic container designed to improve cube efficiency and volume packaging in the food, consumer and do-it-yourself markets.

Suitable for liquids as well as moist, dry and frozen goods, the rigid plastic containers tolerate a wide temperature range and are nestable, which allows for better cube utilization. Users can maximize the number of units per pallet and truckload, allowing for fewer shipments, less product handling and more efficient use of plastic, according to Plastican. The company says the 36BR has 20% better cube efficiency than a round pail of the same capacity.

The container is made with high-density polyethylene or propylene. Options include hinged lids and bi-directional handles.

Plastican Inc.