Air Jacks

March 24, 2008
No longer just for industrial use, ASE Systems' complete line of inflatable air jacks can be adapted for use at home or on the job, making them a practical

No longer just for industrial use, ASE Systems' complete line of inflatable air jacks can be adapted for use at home or on the job, making them a practical tool for your everyday problems. Change a flat tire quickly and easily or lift a boat trailer - the applications for these air jacks are limitless.

Houston, TX -- Senior Captain Jeffery Lyons of the Houston Fire Department knows just how versatile an air jack system can be. He uses his air jack for lifting heavy loads while on the job. These jacks are standard, required gear for each emergency vehicle in the Houston Fire Department, because when it comes to saving lives in the fourth largest city in the U.S., the exceptional capabilities of these air jacks are indispensable.

ASE Systems, the ergonomics and productivity specialists, are dedicated to providing cost-effective material handling solutions, including these inflatable air jacks. When introduced to high-pressure air, the butyl rubber skin inflates, making these jacks well designed for lifting very heavy loads in awkward or inconvenient spaces.

Inflatable air jacks best traditional jacks in several categories: they require only one inch of insertion space, allowing them to work where conventional jacks won't. Ranging in size from 10"x10" up to 34"x34", a single air jack has the capacity to lift between six and 70 tons to a height of 15". Plus, the versatility of these air jacks provides an easier, safer alternative for lifting any type of heavy load.

From prying open the door in a wrecked vehicle to raising an overturned 18-wheeler on the interstate, Captain Lyons relies on his air jack in life-threatening situations when time is of the utmost importance. Yet with their adaptability and unique capacity to exert pressure evenly, Lyons has also found other uses for his air jack.

When he's not fighting fires, the Captain enjoys spending his spare time on Houston-area drag racing strips. When the chrome-molly steel parachute support bracket on his racing car needed realignment, the Captain chose innovation over spending thousands of dollars on a custom frame at a body shop. Using a 34"x34" air jack to exert an even amount of pressure on the top, bottom, and center of the bracket assembly, the Captain was able to bend and realign the dense and resistant chrome-molly steel.

Designed for industrial lifting and jacking purposes, the versatile applications of these air jacks make them an indispensable part of your daily life. Built to withstand continual use in the demanding commercial environments of the rigging, manufacturing, and production industries, air jack systems are both durable and lightweight, making them easy to carry, store, and transport.

Al Spencer, owner of ASE Systems, carries a range of multi-ton air jack systems, and can help you choose the correct air jack size for your needs. He recommends these air jack systems to his clients for moving just about anything. From saving lives to bending metal, the practical applications of these jacks are limitless. The simple operation instructions make air jack systems perfect for nudging, moving, or lifting heavy objects around the home, at work, or in the field.

For more information about ASE Systems, their services, or their inflatable air jack products, visit their website at or call 800-245-2163.