TGW-Ermanco NBC Conveyor

Jan. 7, 2010
The NBC narrow belt conveyor from TGW-Ermanco is a belt-driven, live-roller conveyor configurable into zero-pressure contact accumulation, non-contact accumulation and transportation conveyor using the same frame and drive components.

The NBC provides contact accumulation with no line pressure. Zero-pressure accumulation on curves and straight beds allows small, diverse products and even empty boxes to be packed densely, says TGW-Ermanco.

In addition, all sections come pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and the conveyor can power four V-belt modules off either end of the conveyor without adding a drive, TGW-Ermanco notes. Logic modules can be set in the field by pressing a button. Other features include true-taper rollers with close-pack roller centers and direct drive belts with 97% efficient gear motors.