Get Primed for ProMat 2005

Dec. 1, 2004
Plan Your Booth Visits Using Our Preview Package

It's time to make plans now for the largest and most comprehensive material handling and logistics show in the United States. ProMat 2005, an international exposition sponsored by the Material Handling Industry of America, will be held January 10-13, 2005 at McCormick Place South, Chicago. ProMat will have 70 free show-floor seminars and a free executive forum, Supply Chain Pioneers: Managing Risk, Realizing the Rewards. The exposition will showcase products and services from 750 material handling and logistics suppliers. More information is at

Plan Your Booth Visits Using Our Preview Package

It's time to make plans now for the largest and most comprehensive material handling and logistics show in the United States. ProMat 2005, an international exposition sponsored by the Material Handling Industry of America, will be held January 10-13, 2005 at McCormick Place South, Chicago. ProMat will have 70 free show-floor seminars and a free executive forum, Supply Chain Pioneers: Managing Risk, Realizing the Rewards. The exposition will showcase products and services from 750 material handling and logistics suppliers. More information is at

Show Hours
Monday, January 10; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesday, January 11; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Wednesday, January 12; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Thursday, January 13; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


guided fork-style vehicle maximizes the use of floor combining counterbalance and laser bumper technologies.Outriggers are not required. It was designed to handle loads to 3,000 lb, but can be customized to handle loads of different sizes and weights.

Booth: 2606


The S40-70FT series of lift trucks reduces service time up to 25 percent by increasing hydraulic oil change intervals; an electronic monitoring system reduces daily service requirements. Engine components are easier to access with a cleaner underhood layout of wire and hydraulic hoses. More operator floor space improves driver comfort. Capacities range from 4,000 to 7,000 lb.

Hyster Co.
Booth: 1806


The HK3000/RF rotating fork storage and retrieval machine is designed to move pallets between an end-of-aisle stand, rack, load platform, floor location or device and a rack or shelving structure. Sensors or a host computer alerts the machine when a load is ready to be picked up. The machine aligns its forks with the pockets or openings in the pallet, centering the forks in the aisle. It then takes the load to a storage, pick or pickup/deposit location.

HK Systems
Booth: 1218


This floor labeling system withstands lift truck traffic. The system utilizes a heavy-duty, 5-in. x 7-in. aluminum frame in combination with replaceable 3-in. x 5-in. self-adhesive, custom-imprinted labels. To change a label, simply pop it out and insert a new one. Drill bit and concrete screws are included for installation.

Aigner Index Inc.
Booth: 3516


These plastic drum cones control pouring and reduce dust while dispensing dry material from drums. Start and stop dispensing with a slide gate or iris valve. The cones, and clamp collars to secure them, are available for steel or fiber drums 15.5-in. to 23-in. diameter. The cones are suitable for all the company's Drum Karriers.

Morse Mfg. Co. Inc.
Booth: 314


The Cubic TrackGuard is designed to protect overhead door tracks and save repair costs. The unit is built to absorb the impact of a lift truck or other in-plant vehicle. It provides track protection without interfering with normal door operation. The unit anchors to the interior building floor for easy installation. Standard height is 36 in.; custom heights and optional wall-mount designs are available. It comes in 14 colors.

Cubic Designs Inc.
Booth: 257


The UniSort linear belt sorter utilizes narrow-gap technology to provide gentle handling in highthroughput applications. Individual slats equipped with diverting belts accurately sort items from small consumer goods to oversize baggage. The sorter is available in multiple belt widths and a variety of layout configurations and can be equipped with single-or dual-sided divert points.

FKI Logistex
Booths: 1006, 1206


These battery stations with rollers are available as 2- or 3-compartment stations, with models for all battery sizes. They feature non-conductive roller bed, springloaded rollers, adjustable legs and battery safety stops. Shelf capacity is 800 lb. Charge cable retractor is optional.

Materials Transportation Co.
Booth: 1816


The vertical accumulation buffer combines or more spiral conveyors for up and movement. Overhead space can be used storage. It handles bottles, cans, bags, bundles, totes, containers, and wrapped or unwrapped items. It can be used to take up surges between manufacturing processes or as an accumulation buffer during short interruptions.

Ryson International Inc.
Booth: 2806


The Maximus bulk container is constructed of high-density polyethylene base, plastic corrugated sidewalls, a steel frame and square or rectangular tube dunnage. It features a 45-in. x 48-in. AIAG footprint, and is 50 in. high. The base has an interlocking design for compatibility with similar bulk containers and pallet systems.

Orbis Corp.
Booth: 1506


The Column Sentry Corner Guard features a foamfilled, energy-absorbing barrier that not only protects the building, but adds protection for in-plant vehicles and operators. It is 42-in. high and covers a 4-in. x 4-in. corner area. The maintenance-free polymer unit mounts anywhere a wall corner is exposed to traffic.

Sentry Protection Products
Booth: 4727


Model 7400 Reach-Fork truck is available in from 3,200 to 4,500 lb., in reach and deepreachconfigurations. Its open-view mast design gives a clear view of the base legs, load and rack for more efficient operation. It includes many ergonomic features for operator comfort. A display panel provides realtime data, such as time, battery charge and weight on forks, on a large screen.

Raymond Corp.
Booth: 3660


new Super-E brake motors are designed to handle the rugged service of conveyor use while providing NEMA Premium efficiencies. The motors have inverter spike-resistant magnet and are inverter ready. They provide a 20:1 torque speed range when used with an adjustable-drive.

Baldor Electric Co.
Booth: 2540


The TwinMax dual-output fast charger simultaneously charges two batteries at up to 500 amps. The IGBT power control allows the charger to safely maximize energy input for shorter charge times. It recognizes all battery sizes and voltages automatically with or without battery module identification device. The charger is easy to install and operate.

Booths: 1758, 626


The RollerDrive HTBL brushless roller is designed to replace belt, line shaft, chain and sprocket drive systems. It is available in lengths from 12.25 to 50 in., with an outside diameter of 1.9 in. The roller provides 70 in.-lb of torque with speeds from 25 to 250 fpm, through a series of gear ratios ranging from 12:1 to 96:1. Noise emission is less than 50 dBA.

Interroll Corp.
Booth: 2048


The FlapNest 2717-12 nestable container stacks with lids flapped shut and nests with lids flapped open to combine product protection and security for efficient return shipping and storage. Its plastic hinges are safer than standard wire hinges, and a reinforced lid and wall collars add extra protection and minimize product damage.

IPL Material Handling
Booth: 4217


The all-metal H Series printers are available in 203 or 300 dpi. The H-426 and H-434 printers feature a backlit LCD; standard real-time clock; internal memory for storing downloaded label formats, graphics and fonts; serial, parallel, PS/2 and USB interfaces; stripper sensor for strip-andpeel or tear-off applications. The printers can be operated without being connected to a computer.

Tharo Systems Inc.
Booth: 1814


The C 4000 entry/exit safety light curtain is used where material is automatically transported into a hazardous zone of a machine and access by workers must be safeguarded. It requires no muting sensors, switches and lamps. Its floating blanking technology distinguishes between workers and material.

Booth: 1014


These stainless steel cabinets measure 60-in. wide x 24-in. deep x 78-in. high. The unit includes four 14-gauge adjustable shelves, each with a capacity of 1,650 lb. The cabinets have two doors with 1-in. return flange, 200 ° swing, interlocking left-hand door, and a three-point locking system

Strong Hold Products
Booth: 1556


The C-L 100 line of package conveyors is engineered to cut installation time; permit real-time changes in system operational parameters; reduce required spare parts inventories; and minimize unplanned system shutdowns with internal monitoring and diagnostic tools that allow operators to practice predictive maintenance instead of emergency or preventive maintenance.

Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems Inc.
Booth: 2006


EasyADC is a turnkey system of the company's hardware, software and services that is designed to help companies automate inventory management, shipping and receiving and other key process. The basic system includes two hand-held data collection terminals, a wireless access point, a bar code label printer, labels, a software/installation disk, and on-site consulting and installation services.

Intermec Technologies Corp.
Booth: 3650


The 7530 computer is designed for harsh environments. Rated at IP67, it is protected against dust and temporary water immersion at temperatures as low as -22°F. It can withstand 26 drops to concrete from 6.5 ft. The compact unit is based on Windows CE.NET and Intel XScale architecture for seamless integration.

Psion Teklogix
Booth: 4538


The 7-Series electric stand-up lift trucks are available in 3,000- to 5,000-lb capacity. Floor pad helps absorb vibrations to minimize fatigue; lean points such as the backrest and armrest are cushioned to improve comfort and productivity. Multifunction control handle allows single-handed control of travel, lift/lower, tilt, horn and optional sideshifter functions.

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc.
Booth: 3626


Ropak extended length containers are now available in a 56-in. x 48-in. footprint to accommodate long and hard-to-fit items. The containers offer 2,000-lb capacity and heights of 25, 33, 34 and 42 in., feature 4-way fork entry and a variety of sidewall configurations. The RFID-ready containers collapse for compact storage and shipping, and can be stacked up to six high without racking.

Linpac Materials Handling
Booth: 2603


The MicroSpan transfer is an alternative to roller transfers. A plastic chain provides a stable, flexible base for smooth transport of small, delicate products. Maximum speed is 150 fpm. Both ends of the transfer is just 0.55 in. high. Multiple chain widths are available for a variety of applications. The unit can be slavedriven by another conveyor or independently driven.

SpanTech LLC
Booth: 648


Five new Super-Size AkroBins are available for large parts, assemblies and finished goods. The bins feature a large, curved-bottom hopper front for convenient access. Large carry handles are located in the back and front. The bins stack securely, and reinforced side ribs add strength and prevent bowing when the bins are loaded and stacked.

Booth: 606


The Shockswitch RFID truck-mounted access control system requires an operator to prove unique identity before the lift truck can be operated. The unit communicates directly from an operating lift truck to the management office via a user's existing wireless network. When an impact exceeds an adjustable impact sensor, the time, date and driver ID are recorded and stored for downloading for analysis.

Booth: 5249


The Powerfoil high-volume/low-speed fan can produce 332,000 cfm to lower the temperature in warehouses, plants and commercial facilities. The fan can destratify air in the winter to lower heating bills. Powerfoil is one of three airfoil designs by the company.

Big Ass Fans
Booth: 3119


The 787 Series DC power supplies are available in single-or three-phase versions with input voltages of 90-264 or 325-550 VAC, output voltages of 12 or 24 VDC, current ratings of 1.3, 2, 2.5, 4, 8, 10 or 20 amps and power ratings to 480 W. A metal-clad ;housing offers a shockproof, industrial-strength and compact DIN rail-mount design.

WAGO Corp.
Booth: 1441


The Delta Series vertical reciprocating conveyor fits in tight places. Its side-mounted drive makes maintenance easy. Drive chains cradle the carriage between the masts for smooth operation and longer component life. Quad-cams reduce forces on the carriage. Its modular design and factory control wiring saves installation time.

Wildeck Inc.
Booth: 2336


The Model 5200rfid label printer/ applicator makes it easy to print, encode, verify and apply pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to cartons and palletloads in one operation. It offers a selection of print-encode engines that utilize thermal/thermal transfer technology to produce labels with text, bar codes and graphics at 203 dpi. If a label cannot be verified, it is rejected.

Weber Marking Systems
Booth: 2356


The Odyssey Model CTF-1500 fork-style, laserguided AGV is designed for loads to 1,500 lb with a lift capability to 98 in. Features include point-and-click function for easy guidepath changes, onboard Pentium PC, laser-scanning bumper systems, RF communication and operator diagnostics.

AGV Products Inc.
Booth: 1832


The Commando kingpinless swivel caster moves heavy loads with ease. The caster comes with 6-in. or 8-in. wheels. It is available in solid elastomer, neoprene, urethane, semi-steel and low-effort proprietary material. Load capacity per caster ranges from 500 to 1,300 lb, depending on wheel size and type. The 2-1/2-in. offset makes for an easier swivel.

Darcor Casters
Booth: 1838


These vehicle-mount computers are available in half-screen (VX6) or full-screen (VX7) versions. They feature Intel Xscale processors, Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system and highvisibility color screen for low or bright light conditions. Both units are heated, making them ideal for freezer/cold weather applications.

Booth: 3632


CSC series stem casters include swivel, swivel-withstop and fixed styles. Stem casters eliminate mounting hardware. The plastic stem receiver is simply tapped into the pipe with a mallet and the caster stem is then pushed into the receiver until the unit engages and locks in place. The casters are available in 2-, 3 and 4-in. diameter, with load-bearing capacity per wheel of 75, 225 and 275 lb respectively.

Creform Corp.
Booth: 1244


The SpoolMasterVC (vertical carousel) helps organize wire, cable and other spooled products. When wire or cable is needed to fill an order, one person can find the spool, unwind, measure and cut the precise amount quickly, efficiently and safely. The vertical footprint saves valuable space.

J & D Associates.
Booth: 962


The I-Class RFID and RFID Ready printers provide flexibility and modularity. The I-Class printer simultaneously encodes data onto RFID tags while printing a graphical image on the surrounding label. The printers support the ISO 15693 standard at 13.56 MHz as well as several EPCglobal and ISO standards for ultra-high frequency (UHF) applications.

Datamax Corp.
Booth: 4944


The Cube is an automated, high-density, horizontal storage and retrieval machine that works on the same principle as a vertical lift module. It retrieves a single drawer at a time. Requests can be made at the machine or dowloaded as lists/orders from a host. The enclosed unit provides protection from theft, dirt and dust.

System Storage Solution
Booth: 4116


EO Series balers are designed to accommodate a variety of waste material. They feature large feedchute openings and heavy-duty construction. The automatic wiretier completes the tie-off cycle in less than 30 seconds. The touchscreen controller has more than 50 information screens. A trunnion-mounted main hydraulic cylinder is standard, and available in 10-, 12- and 14-in. diameter.

Booth: 121


The Stak System adjustable storage system is an integrated, single-operator system for storage, retrieval and staging of items weighing up to 4,000 lb. It is designed to save time and space. Its captive lifting and handling device requires less aisle width than a lift truck; its height-adjustable pallets let users maximize storage density.

Stanley Vidmar
Booth: 2808


The HC323017 bulk container holds up to 1,000 lb and can be stacked six high when in storage to save warehouse space. It is designed for optimal cubing of truck trailers, rail cars and sea containers. Options include lids, molded-in label holders, bar codes RFID placement.

Arca Systems
Booth: 1548


ProTough lockers are framed with 18-gauge, 3/4-in.-square steel tubing. Sides, backs and bottoms are welded to the frame. Lockers are available as single tier, double tier and six-tier. Diamond-shaped perforations offer visibility and airflow. Other door vent designs and optional solid sides are available, as well as door and handle options.

Penco Products Inc.
Booth: 1564


The compact GX-1000 computer measures 10.1 in x 8-in. x 2.9 in. It features a 800 MHz Via processor and a bright 10-in. LCD. It supports all operating systems, and comes with 256 MB DRAM, a 20 Gig minimum hard drive, and 10/100 Ethernet onboard. Mount on lift trucks where operators are concerned about line-ofsight.

Glacier Computer
Booth: 4252


The Align workbench easily adjusts to accommodate the worker with the appropriate work surface height to reduce fatigue, stress and potential injury. The height can be adjusted from 25.5 to 41.5 in. by using a motorized lift, hand crank or slide leg platform. The motorized version can be preset with three height positions and can support up to 1,000 lb dynamic load.

Lista International
Booth: 458


The new 1/2-ton-capacity LX mini puller is compact, lightweight and requires low pulling force for operation. Additional load chain lengths are available. The puller is equipped with nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant load chain and strong hook latches with safety tips. A rubber grip handle is easy for the operator to use.

Harrington Hoists Inc.
Booth: 453


In today's security-conscious environment, C-Thru lockers offer additional security in industrial applications where concealed items need to be scrutinized. These lockers feature heavy-duty steel construction with visual door panels and vandal-resistant handles. Single-tier and double-tier styles offer clear acrylic door panels.

Booth: 1159


This belt tray sorter utilizes contactless linear induction motors for power to the belt trays. It is arranged in a closed loop with induction areas at both ends, with a capacity to 18,000 trays per hour. Each destination is divided into two chambers by a batch divider gate. Once a destination is full, an indicator light alerts the packing operators.

Beumer Corp.
Booth: 1527


Wheel handling end effectors improve an operator's ability to lift and position wheels throughout the manufacturing process, including pick/place transfers, loading vertical/ horizontal chucks or rotating wheels for inspection. Power functions provide lift and grip force. This minimizes risk of injury and makes it easier for operators of varying size and strength to handle the work.

Booth: 659


The SR-20 Talkman headset is designed specifically for induatrial and distribution center environments where background noise, temperature and humidity range to extreme levels. The well-padded, waterproof ear cup adjusts vertically and horizontally to fit snugly and comfortably. The reversible headset can be worn on either side of the head.

Booth: 5042


The C6000 GT lift truck is available in 6,000-lb and 10,000-lb capacities, with lifting heights to 30 ft. The internal combustion, propane engine permits both indoor and outdoor operation. The trucks are designed to handle long loads in warehouses or storage yards. Cushion tires ensure load stability in rough yards and provide a smoother ride for the operator. A 3-way catalytic converter and exhaust gas sensor are optional.

Combilift Ltd.
Booth: 4517


Supply Chain Advantage is a collection of highly adaptable, best-ofbreed supply chain execution solutions to streamline manufacturing, distribution and transportation from source to consumption. It facilitates collaboration with customers, suppliers and trading partners.

HighJump Software
Booth: 3645