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Creform AGV Tugger

March 25, 2010
Creform Corp. introduces its Tite-Space BST AGV (automated guided vehicle) tugger, which slides under a stationary cart equipped with a BST interface. It then extends a tow pin to engage the cart and move it to a predetermined workstation.

The Tite-Space AGV is suitable for delivering materials to line-side assembly points when space is at a premium, says Creform. One BST unit can move a whole fleet of carts, provided their undercarriages are alike and have the BST interface. The automated unit also frees up employees for other tasks.

The AGV has a maximum towed weight/draw bar of 1,320/57 pounds, depending on floor conditions and caster selection. For safety, it has electromagnetic breaking, an audible warning and flashing light, obstacle sensor, bumper switch and e-stop. Command tapes initiate AGV functions, such as speed changes, route selection and extend/retract tow pin. Control options include PLC, RF, RFID and an optical communicator.

Creform Corp.