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Personal and Portable Lift

Feb. 15, 2011
JLG’s FS60 LiftPod aerial work platform combines the portability of a ladder with the stability of a work platform. The unit’s 30 inch base enables operators to move the LiftPod through doorways without having to take it apart.

With an enclosed platform, 12-foot working height and 6-foot standing height, the FS60 allows workers to move hands-free in a 360-degree range of motion. It consists of three components, each weighing about 50 pounds, for simple assembly—less than 30 seconds—and disassembly. The LiftPod can be carried and moved by one person. When disassembled, the FS60 fits in the back of a pick-up truck, van or SUV for portability between work sites.

The LiftPod is powered by an 18-volt drill or an optional power pack for increased flexibility and affordability. It also includes an attachable work tray that holds up to 33 pounds of tools and materials and has a 330-pound rated total capacity.

JLG Industries, Inc.