Series 400 Angled Roller belt

Aug. 9, 2007
Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced that it is an official licensor of Intraloxs award-winning, patented belt technology: Series 400 Angled Roller

Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced that it is an official licensor of Intralox’s award-winning, patented belt technology: Series 400 Angled Roller™ belt (ARB).

The technology of Intralox’s Angled Roller™ belt, featuring built-in belt rollers angled at 0, 45, 60, or 90 degrees, successfully improves productivity, eliminates unnecessary labor costs, and reduces operational expenses in applications such as descrambling/ singulation, switching, 90-degree transfers, merges, case turning and, sortation. By reducing the incidence of product jams and missorted items, Intralox’s ARB sortation solutions achieve higher throughput capacity and offer a lower cost of ownership than competing technologies. Through partnership with Intralox, Dynamic Conveyor customers can now receive the benefits of both Intralox modular plastic belting technology and DynaCon® modular conveyor systems.

Achieve a Lower Cost of Ownership
The modular design of DynaCon conveyor systems and Intralox belting offers lightweight, low-maintenance conveyance solutions that are easily installed and modified, contributing to a lower total cost of conveyor ownership. Compared to traditional belt/diverter technology, ARB centering, singulating and diverting solutions are simpler, safer and less expensive to build, operate, and maintain. ARB has fewer moving parts and catchpoints, may allow a smaller equipment footprint, and requires virtually no maintenance. Other benefits include:

Reduced Risk – Intralox Angled Roller belt is an extremely safe plastic belt technology, compared to competing technologies, featuring fewer catchpoints for improved worker safety.
Ease of Modularity – These lightweight modular plastic conveyor systems can be configured and reconfigured onsite to achieve optimal production efficiency and meet changing production requirements.
Easy Installation – Because of its friendly modular design, DynaCon conveyors eliminate the need for installation crews and costs, contributing to easy maintenance and set up. Installation is quick and simple, allowing production to resume with minimal downtime. Shipping costs are also reduced with lightweight, portable conveyor modules.

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