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Laser Tag

Sept. 6, 2005
Angola, IN TydenBrammall, one of the worlds leading suppliers of cargo seal products, offers its new Laser Tag serial number transfer system for customer

Angola, IN – TydenBrammall, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cargo seal products,
offers its new Laser Tag™ serial number transfer system for customer shipments. The patent-pending process reduces tracking errors and tampering in the logistics channel. The Laser Tag serial number transfer system is simple to use and is available on TydenBrammall cable-style transportation seals.

Cargo seals have a unique identification number marked on the seal’s lock body. This identification is typically written on the shipment’s bill of lading. This gives the consignee the ability to verify the seal number against the shipping documents to ensure that no cargo tampering took place during the shipment. TydenBrammall’s Laser Tag technology utilizes a precision laser that burns the unique serial number into the seal body and the transfer label at the same time. The specially formulated re-positionable adhesive label peels off the seal for application to shipping documents. The label shows up clearly on documents and stands out on photocopies. The identical serial numbers on the seals and shipping documents ensure accuracy and security and eliminate the potential for error. Logistics problems sometimes occur when identification on the shipping documents doesn’t
match the markings on the cargo seals used in the shipment when, in fact, the integrity of the seals and the cargo is intact. Human error, such as transposition of numbers, is often the cause of discrepancies in shipping documentation. Errors of this nature may not be frequent, but can be very costly should the shipment be delayed or returned because of suspicions of cargo tampering. Utilization of the Laser Tag serial number transfer system vastly reduces these errors.

Cargo seal substitution and shipping document tampering are also discouraged by using the Laser Tag system. One TydenBrammall customer estimates the system could save it over $40,000 per year by reducing human errors in the shipment documentation process.

Already providing laser-engraved cargo seal identification to its customers for more than 10 years, TydenBrammall began development of the Laser Tag technology in 2004. It has been used on TydenBrammall’s E-Z Loc Cable Seal® and the Alum-A-Loc Cable Seal™ to facilitate shipment traceability. The system is unique to the industry and offered exclusively by TydenBrammall. TydenBrammall, a leading global supplier of ‘indicative’, ‘security’ and ‘high security’ seals, is headquartered in Angola, IN. As cargo security experts, TydenBrammall manufactures a broad range of bolt, cable, metal strap and plastic type cargo seals for the truck, rail, container, food and chemical processing markets. TydenBrammall is also home to the world’s only A2LA-accredited
laboratory certified to ISO 17025 requirements to perform ASTM seal tests, which are the benchmark performance tests for the ISO/PAS 17712:2005 mechanical seal standard. For more information, contact TydenBrammall, 409 Hoosier Drive, Angola, IN 46703, phone: 260.665.3176, fax: 260.665.8309, e-mail: [email protected] or visit CargoGuysm at its Web site: