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NA08 Product Preview

March 1, 2008
Heres a sampling of exhibitors youll find at NA 08, the material handling and logistics show and conference. For a full exhibitors list, or any other

Here’s a sampling of exhibitors you’ll find at NA 08, the material handling and logistics show and conference. For a full exhibitors list, or any other information, visit

Automatic Speed Control

Dematic will introduce a new control system for sliding shoe sorters that automatically adjusts the operating speed of the sortation system to match actual carton flow activity. With this new control option, the sortation system accommodates the work load dynamically. Users benefit since automatic speed control reduces wear on the entire sortation subsystem, decreases energy consumption and lowers sound levels.

In a typical configuration, package flow entering the sortation system is monitored via electronic sensors on the infeed conveyors. As the rate increases, the sort controls signal the system to accelerate to optimize the flow of the increasing throughput. If volume decreases, the control system automatically instructs the sorter system to slow down to the appropriate speed that will accommodate the reduced throughput rates. For high-rate sortation systems, this amounts to 34% average speed reduction, compared to other sorters in this class. Dematic, Booth 2634

Industrial Workbenches

Lista International Corp. will showcase its enhanced industrial workbenches, which are part of a fully integrated modular system for storage and workspaces. Ideal for a variety of industrial applications, Lista’s workbenches feature heavyduty, aesthetically pleasing and practical designs, says the company. Because of their modular design, Lista’s industrial workbenches can be configured to suit specific needs without custom cost. The workbenches are available with a choice of sturdy, long-lasting work surfaces, such as butcher block, pressed wood and galvanized steel for different applications. Lista’s Nexus System can support a wide range of shelves, parts bins, lights and electrical accessories.

Lista’s drawer storage cabinets can serve as pedestals for the workstations. Cabinet pedestals are available in a variety of widths. In addition, a broad selection of dividing and partitioning accessories for the cabinet drawers allows users to create customized storage compartments. This provides the flexibility to accommodate changing storage requirements. Lista International, Booth 621

New AC Electric Vehicles

Wesley International, a manufacturer of special-design pallet trucks and electric utility vehicles, will present its new AC electric vehicle. Customers will now have a choice of AC or DC power on all of Wesley’s electric utility vehicles.

Built for industrial use, Wesley’s AC vehicles offer greater speed and torque control, lower maintenance costs and longer operating life. Direct-current vehicles lose torque as speed increases, but alternating-current vehicles maintain their power across the whole speed range, even on an incline. The high-efficiency motors are virtually maintenance-free because there are no brushes to replace and no carbon dust. Plus, operating times are longer between battery charges.

Wesley International has designed and built special-design electric utility vehicles and pallet trucks since 1963. Each product is engineered to order in its factory in Scottdale, Ga. Wesley’s specialty is creating industrial-strength solutions for non-standard applications. Wesley International, Booth 1013

Automated Trailer Loading

With the introduct ion of SGV DockPro, an automated trailer loading system that uses Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to automatically load trailers, FMC Technologies has developed a way to streamline operations and reduce costs at the loading docks.

The SGV DockPro system is able to operate 24/7 and features AGVs, which pick up loads from the floor, conveyors, storage aisles or racking and deliver them into trailers at the loading docks with no human intervention. The SGV DockPro system loads standard, over-the-road trailers and needs no special dock equipment.

The AGVs navigate using laser guidance, by using a rotating scanner which detects reflective targets mounted throughout the facility. Additional sensors allow the vehicles to navigate inside the trailer and precisely position loads while accommodating for variations from one trailer to the next. The laser guidance allows for flexibility. Should the layout of the facility change, the system can be reconfigured quickly without making any changes to the plant or trailers. The system is also able to accommodate multiple trailerloading patterns to evenly distribute weight and prevent load shifting during transport. FMC Technologies, Booth 2607

System Simplifies, Speeds Packaging Process

The newest molding system from Sealed Air makes it faster and easier to create custom, highly protective and economic Instapak cushions. The Instapak Pedestal Molding system, in conjunction with the Instapak 900 Series handheld foam dispensing system, allows customers to create cushions without limit to mold cavity depth or minimum wall thickness. The basic Instapak Pedestal Molding system can be modified in different ways to produce molded cushions for a variety of applications.

The Instapak Pedestal Molding system simplifies the molding process by raising the engineered mold image out of the molding cavity for quick placement of the Instapak Pedestal Molding packaging film. This eliminates the need to tuck a large, flat sheet of packaging film into the mold cavity before dispensing liquid foam into the mold.

The Instapak Pedestal Molding system simplifies and speeds up the molding process, while producing cushions with fewer wrinkles and advanced aesthetics. This innovation in molding reduces limits to mold cavity depth and cushion wall thickness. Sealed Air, Booth 1000

Pallet Rack-Lifting Device

The first-ever, all-in-one Pallet Rack mobilization device for partially loaded pallet racking, the Rhino Series pallet rack-lifting device moved four, 20-foot x 48-matefoot pallet racks in two hours at a recent demonstration for a major golf club manufacturer in southern California. The Rhino Series is a simple, rugged and compact racklifting device, in which each leg of the pallet rack is lifted only one half inch off the floor to minimize any possible failure. Each device uses a six-ton hydraulic jack for ease of operation. The Rhino Series can safely move the heaviest loads with ease and stability and has the ability to lift racks with only six inches of flu space.

The Rhino Series increases safety for workers, product and racks, according to the company. A hydraulic jack on each device minimizes stress on the rack. Each has heavyduty, 360-degree rotating casters. Cozza Inc., Booth 3305

Replace Corrugated Bins

Quantum has expanded its shelf bin series, adding 12 new sizes in a unique, six-inch height. This exclusive product offers an economical storage solution to replace wornout corrugated bins permanently. All shelf bins are designed to fit on 12-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch shelving systems. Wide-open hopper front allows complete access to the contents of the bin. The shelf bins are available in a variety of colors. Quantum, Booth 3040

Custom Distribution

United Sortation Solutions will showcase three space-saving material handling solutions featuring vertical reciprocating conveyor s (VRC). A compact design created to work in conjunction with custom work stations or transport conveyors in distribution, retail and manufacturing, VRCs enable bi-directional vertical movement of totes or boxes using quiet, reliable, and efficient belt actuator technology. VRCs are capable of being configured to input and output product to multiple elevations. Incorporated into the VRCs is an optional device that can alter product direction by 90 degrees. A right-angle transfer device allows the VRC to convey parcels in six directions—up, down, left, right, forward and backward. United Sortation Solutions, Booth 3027

Center for Unitload Design

The Center for Unitload Design at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va., announces its 2008 short course schedule. Unitload Design Short Course takes place Apr. 15-17 and Sept. 23-25. This course, in cooperation with ISTA, MHIA, Industrial Reporting Inc. (Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Profile) and NWPCA, is directed at packaging, pallet and material handling equipment suppliers, as well as users of these components.

Attendees will learn systems-based optimization procedures that will improve customer service and increase competitiveness. By learning to design to the “system” instead of to the individual component, efficiencies and improvements in product protection can be found.

Topics include: principles of unitload design; unitload material handling audit; packaging design; pallet design; material handling systems; interactions between material handling equipment, packaging, and pallets; and diagnosing and solving material handling problems. Center for Unitload Design, Virginia Tech, Booth 3339

Dock Safety

Castell will showcase safety solutions for attendees. Castell’s dock safety, motion monitoring and interlock products safeguard personnel and equipment in material handling warehouses.

To promote safety at the loading dock, the Salvo system prevents trucks from driving away during loading or unloading. The Salvo gladhand lock attaches to a trailer’s brake line, releasing a uniquely coded key. In an automatic system, the key is then used in an exterior control panel, which disengages the automatic door interlock so that workers may begin safely loading or unloading. Until the automatic door interlock is bolted again, the control panel will not release the key needed to open the Salvo gladhand lock, making it impossible for a driver to depart. A new product design and complete-kit purchase option have increased the ease of installation and shortened order lead times, the company says.

In addition to the Salvo, Castell offers a range of trapped key interlocks and systems that ensure workers adhere to a step-by-step process every time access to dangerous equipment is needed. Castell, Booth 710

Laser Collision Avoidance System

Cattron Group International, a manufacturer of remote control products and professional services for the industrial, mining, commercial mobile and railroad markets, features its Laser Collision Avoidance System (LCAS), which contains advanced laser technology to ensure overhead cranes and hoists do not collide with end walls or other overhead equipment.

“LCAS uses retroreflective Class I laser technology, which can detect either stationary or moving objects,” says Jeremy Pearson, sales director, North America Material Handling. “Unlike some other products on the market, everything is in one enclosure. Set up is easy, and most of it can be done on the floor before taking it up to the crane, so downtime is kept to a minimum.”

The field-adjustable LCAS can be programmed for alarm and slowed or stopped at any user-selected distance. With a range of 50 meters (164 feet), the device can sense distance changes as little as 3.0 mm (0.12 inches). The alarm output of LCAS is activated whenever a unit detects any target moving within its set warning distance, giving operators sufficient time to take corrective action before a costly collision can occur.

Additional LCAS features include continuous fault monitoring, input voltage from 100 to 240 VAC, solidstate control outputs with optical isolation to 4,000 volts and a single standard NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure with optional internal heater for coldtemperature applications. Cattron Group, Booth 2137

Plastic Pallet Features RFID

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Co.) is providing manufacturers, suppliers and shippers of unitized loads with the world’s first RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool. Manufactured to exacting standards, iGPS’ pallets are edge rackable, lightweight, durable, consistent in size, hygienic, and—thanks to embedded RFID tags—fully traceable.

iGPS’ plastic pallets are superior to wood alternatives, the company says. Plastic pallets are durable, have a long lifecycle and are consistent in size, shape and weight. They are also lighter, hygienic and impervious to infestation. iGPS’ plastic pallets are also fire retardant and 100% recyclable. iGPS, Booth 2813

Drive-In Rack Storage Systems

Ridg-U-Rak’s Drive-In Rack Storage Systems allow lift trucks to enter the rack structure directly to place and retrieve pallets. This method requires fewer aisles, increases storage density and saves money. Product is stored on continuous Space Saver rails that run from 3 to 12 positions deep. Ridg-U-Rak, Booth 2525

Mobile Safety Module

A mobile safety module provides increased safety in mobile logistics applications, according to Noax. Together with the industrial PCbased mobile safety module, the Noax lift truck PCs create a safety advantage. Noax Technologies, Booth 1043

Wind-Resistant Door

In its mission to provide a rollup door that can withstand high wind loads, Goff’s Enterprises introduces its new Drawtite II roll-up door. The door has a unique tensioning system, which enables it to maintain a seal under gusts of up to 70 mph on a 10-foot x 12-foot door and prevents the curtain from blowing out of its guides. The door is also suitable for areas within the facility that have high positive/negative pressures. Standard on the door is a ½-hp external motor that can take the door speed up to 36 inches per second. Goff’s Enterprises, Booth 723

AGV Drive

Creform Corp. highlights its automated guided vehicle (AGV) components and systems, created using the Creform series of plasticcoated pipes, mechanical joints and hardware accessories for vehicle structures. The latest version of the company’s BST vehicle drive units is designed to travel along a guidepath, then slide under and engage a stationary cart equipped with a BST interface, then move the cart to workstations, says Creform. The new BST can be equipped with an optional Course-10, multiroute controller, which provides directions for up to 10 routes, with up to 99 commands per route. Standard guidepath systems consist of magnetic tape placed on the floor for guidance and command as well as magnetic induction sensors on the unit. Creform Corp., Booth 2040

Reliable Coding On Transport Packaging

For reliable online printing on transport packaging, such as corrugated boxes and cases, Videojet Technologies Inc. introduces the Videojet 2330 and 2310 large-character, ink-jet printers. The 2330 and 2310 printers provide repeatable, high-quality characters as large as 2.75 inches (70 mm) and 0.66 inch (17 mm), respectively. For maximum uptime, an automatic, self-cleaning and self-maintenance system continuously keeps printheads free of dust and debris throughout production, thus eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

“The unique self-maintenance system on the Videojet 2330 and 2310 eliminates wasted ink and downtime because operators don’t have to stop a line to prime, purge and clean the printhead,” says David Allen, business unit manager for transport packaging at Videojet. “Plus, the self-maintenance system is non-contact, so it avoids printhead damage that can occur during periodic maintenance required on other ink-jet printers.” Videojet, Booth 2632


VertiSpace structural mezzanines allow facilities to double or triple usable floor space without costly additions. With a wide span of up to 40 feet, the mezzanines are manufactured in four locations nationwide. VertiSpace Commercial Structures, Booth 3032

Electric Walkie Truck

Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. introduces the EJE 120 4,500- pound-capacity electric walkie truck. Featuring a 24-volt, 150Ah industrial battery with integrated charger; three-phase, AC drive motor; and Pro-Trac-Link high-performance stability caster system, the walkie truck has rounded fork tips, steel pallet entry slides and steel exit rollers. The short-compartment version has a turning radius of 58.7 inches, says Jungheinrich.

The EJE’s short head length (19.4 inches) and the handle’s ability to be operated in the vertical position allows for pin-wheeling within a truck trailer, according to the company. A single rocker switch that can be activated from nearly any position allows operators to use the truck in confined spaces with the handle in the upright position. In addition, metal stability bars limit tipping during quick maneuvers, and the stability caster system links two load-bearing casters with a torsion bar. The handle also has a brake-bypass switch, or crawl speed button, for travel in tight spaces. Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., Booth 1408