Savi, Symbol and Matrics to Host RFID Symposia

Jan. 1, 2004
WASHINGTON, DC - Three leading provider-partners of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) supply-chain tracking solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense

WASHINGTON, DC - Three leading provider-partners of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) supply-chain tracking solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial enterprises -- Savi Technology, Symbol Technologies and Matrics - are hosting a series of educational seminars for suppliers seeking to meet new RFID requirements for the U.S. military.

Called "RFID Symposia for DoD Suppliers," the event is divided into a series of interactive forums over four days, each day tailored to specific supplier classes. The symposia, featuring third-party authorities, experts and real-world demos from the three companies, will be held Jan. 20-23 at Savi's East Coast headquarters, 3601 Eisenhower Ave. Ste.280, Alexandria, VA 22304. Savi Technology, a leading provider of real-time supply chain asset management and security solutions, is the long-time primary procurement contractor with the DoD for all RFID-related solutions; Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:SBL), a long-time Savi partner for both commercial and government applications, delivers enterprise mobility solutions that enable anywhere, anytime data and voice communication; and, Matrics, Inc, also a Savi partner, is a pioneer in the advanced development and standardization of low-cost, high-performance, EPC-compliant smart label tec! hnology.

All three companies also actively participate in the Auto ID Center Labs at MIT and its affiliated EPC Global group, which are developing and commercializing the Electronic Product Code (EPC), a passive RFID smart label protocol that promises to improve the automation and real-time visibility of products and some of the conveyances that transport them throughout the supply chain.

On Oct. 2, 2003, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a sweeping new policy memorandum directing the immediate use of high-data capacity active RFID technology throughout all military logistics components and their suppliers, primarily for visibility of large freight containers, air pallets, major organizational equipment, and pre-positioned stocks on War Reserve Materials. .In addition, the memorandum stated that the DoD would become an early adopter of EPC compatible RFID tags by requiring its suppliers to put passive RFID tags on the lowest possible piece part/case/pallet packaging by 2005. Details of particular applications continue to be developed.

"Our seminars will help to clarify the meaning of the DoD directives and address the best-of-breed solutions available today that have been literally battle-tested many times over the past decade," said David Stephens, Savi Technology's Senior Vice President-Public Sector. "It's critical for users of this technology to understand the full complexities implementing this technology - and the full value they and their military customers can realize from doing it right with proven practices."

"RFID Symposia for DoD Suppliers" will be held free of charge, with each day devoted to a particular class of suppliers. Breakfast and lunch will be served. The symposia are designed for interested parties to attend just one day at the module most relevant to their business:

--Feb. 17: Repair Parts (Class IX)

--Feb. 18: Ammunition (Class V)

--Feb. 19: Medical Materials (Class VIII)

--Feb. 20: Subsistence (Class I), Major End Items (Class VII), and all other interested Classes.

Each day-long symposium will be customized for the different supplier classifications to clarify the mandate, next steps, and best-available solutions. Attendees will also learn:

--How to maximize value from the interoperability of AIT and other technologies through "nested visibility," which enables users to track from the item level up to the transportation mode level, from origin to destination.

--About RFID technologies and software honed over years in battle-tested environments, including Operation Iraqi Freedom, from the factory to the foxhole, as well as at in-facility environments.

--About the more than a decade of Savi's work with partners and developing leading-edge RFID technologies and support software to the DoD to create the military's Total Asset Visibility (TAV) and In-Transit Visibility (ITV) networks.

To register and receive more information, please contact: Jennifer Olden at Savi Technology 703.317.9497, or email [email protected]

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