Dec. 9, 2008
Meets latest NEC safety requirements. Controls one or more machines. Retrofits to existing Simple Automation machines. Lantech's Simple Automation stretch

Meets latest NEC safety requirements. Controls one or more machines. Retrofits to existing Simple Automation™ machines.

Lantech's Simple Automation™ stretch wrapping systems become easier to use with the new Click-n-Go™ wireless remote control. Click-n-Go enables fork truck drivers to simply place a pallet load on the stretch wrapper, back away a few feet and press a button. It also gives the operator more flexibility by eliminating the need to stop within reach of a lanyard, the other option often used for remote start.

"Click-n-Go satisfies two key customer requirements – it makes the stretch wrapper easier to use, and it meets current safety codes," said Lantech Product Manager Allison Myers. "It's more than a remote start button. It's capable of controlling multiple machines. Plus, an additional feature button is used to initiate a banding sequence for double-stacked pallets. Click-n-Go now gives the customer much more flexibility in how the machines are used or relocated, too."

Using line-of-sight transmission and a two-step activation process, the Click-n-Go system is immune to interference or accidental activation from stray radio frequency interference in a typical plant environment. Safety is maximized by requiring two buttons to be depressed in sequence for each machine activation: the "arm" button initiates visual and audible alarms at the machine, followed by pressing the "start" button.

Click-n-Go maximizes the utilization of drivers and material handling equipment by fully exploiting the advantages of Lantech's Simple Automation stretch wrappers equipped with the patented XT cut and clamp that automatically starts the film on each load and cuts/holds the tail of the film after wrapping. The Simple Automation machines – Q300XT, Q300XT Plus, Q-400XT and S300XT – keep the operator on the lift truck for maximum productivity.

The Click-n-Go remote control will be available for shipment on new machines in March of 2009, and for retrofit to existing Lantech Simple Automation machines in the second quarter of 2009.
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