New Warehouse Division Serves National and International Logistics

April 1, 2007
Dean Warehouse (Cumberland, R. I.), one of New Englands largest warehousing, logistics, and transportation companies has launched a new division, Dean

Dean Warehouse (Cumberland, R. I.), one of New England’s largest warehousing, logistics, and transportation companies has launched a new division, Dean SupplyChain Management (DSM). The new division creates customized solutions for logistics and transportation need, coordinating and managing freight domestically and internationally. DSM currently works with clients in India, China, Europe, and across the United States.

DSM is a technology-based process providing real-time data that locates and centralizes inventory within the logistics chain. DSM leverages the Dean Integration System, an online, RF-based tracking system that lets Dean’s customers track their inventory throughout the supply-chain management system. The Dean Integration System integrates the manufacturing process, warehousing, transportation and order fulfillment process are fully integrated.

“The development of Dean SupplyChain Management allows us to specifically work with our clients that distribute products nationally and internationally. We help close the inventory loop by giving up-to-date information on the location of inventory while guaranteeing that the products will be transported in a timely, appropriate way. The efficiency we bring to the process helps our clients save on logistics costs,” said Brad A. Dean, CEO of Dean Warehouse.

Since the adoption of DSM, Dean Warehouse has added six major facilities across the nation including locations in Lubbock, Texas; Cincinnati; Fresno, Calif.; Billings, Mont.; Long Beach, Calif.; and Miami, Fla. -- accounting for more than 500,000-sq.-ft. of warehousing space. In all, the company has 13 distribution facilities totaling almost 2 million sq. ft., ranking Dean as one of the top 20 largest private warehousing companies in the United States.

Source: Dean Warehouse