Sept. 27, 2007
(Kenilworth, NJ)White Systems introduces the latest innovations in carousel system software with the new SpectrumExpress. SpectrumExpress software manages

(Kenilworth, NJ)White Systems introduces the latest innovations in carousel system software with the new SpectrumExpress. SpectrumExpress software manages the activities of picking and receipts of inventory in all White Systems supported hardware including horizontal and vertical carousels as well as the PowerColumn2. SpectrumExpress is a product from the White Systems software suite that is applicable for a basic work environment. It is flexible, easy to install, yet powerful for fast accurate results. SpectrumExpress has been designed to produce these features in a cost-effective manner.

Feature Overview:
• Supports Multiple White Systems Devices from a Single Workstation
• Supports White Systems Pick-to-Light Devices
• Automation of Host Orders: Import Picks, Receipts and Count Transactions
• Provide Automated Transaction Results Back to Host
• Unscheduled “Hot” Picks & Receipts
• Ability to Create Multi-Line Orders Internally
• Minimal Training Required
• Simple User Interface
• Easy Installation & Setup
• Extends Order Cut-off Time
• Ability to Configure as a Simple Parts Locator System
• Utilizes Microsoft SQL Express
• Crystal Reports can be Incorporated for Custom Reporting (optional)
• Pick & Receipt Bar Code Labels Available (optional)

Benefit Overview:
• Significantly Improves Order Accuracy
• Increased Order Fulfillment Accuracy for Improved Customer Service
• Enhanced Labor Productivity
• Significant Improvement in Inventory Accuracy
• Improves Ability to Manage Labor and Inventory
• Dramatic Reduction of Labor Costs
• Batching of Orders for Maximum Performance
• Dramatically Increase Throughput Versus Static Shelving Solution

SpectrumExpress was designed to offer many benefits while best suiting the basic work environment.

Enhanced Customer Service
High inventory accuracy reduces returns, brings customers back in business to consumer environments and reduces or eliminates multiple order checks in processes within business to business environments.

High Accurate Inventories
SpectrumExpress is a real-time system that verifies each transaction as it occurs. This allows both inventory and shipment accuracy to improve, leading to fewer inventory shortages and a higher level of customer service.

Lower Labor Costs
SpectrumExpress allows White Systems’ customers to experience increased productivity while reducing overall labor costs. With our advanced location algorithm wait time is greatly reduced enabling supervisors to set realistic standards for their employees.

Ease of Training
New employees, temporary employees, and seasonal workers get up to speed and produced in a fraction of the time typically required. System directed tasks such as
picking or receipts eliminate the burden of learning storage locations and handling requirements.

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