Jan. 6, 2009
Benton Harbor, MI Printek, Inc. unveils two new additions to its PrintekMobile family of rugged mobile thermal printers the FieldPro LP20 two-inch label

Benton Harbor, MI – Printek, Inc. unveils two new additions to it’s PrintekMobile family of rugged mobile thermal printers – the FieldPro LP20 two-inch label printer and the FieldPro RT20 two-inch receipt printer. The NEW FieldPro 2-inch mobile printers offer the same rugged reliability of the FieldPro RT43, only in a lighter, more compact package. The NEW LP20 label and RT20 receipt are the lightest, rugged mobile printers, weighing an unprecedented twelve-ounces (.34 kg) each - with the battery.

The unique features that set PrintekMobile printers apart from others are included on the FieldPro LP20 and RT20. PrintekMobile’s exclusive Universal Port is standard on the LP20 and RT20 printers; perfect for attaching optional external devices such as signature capture pads or barcode scanners. With 4MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM memory, the FieldPro LP20 and RT20 will support large and graphic intensive print jobs. The LP20 and RT20 are embedded with common printer languages (ZPL, CPCL, IPL, OPDL, MPL, E-SIM, EXPL, TEC), making drop-in replacements easy and hassle-free. PrintekMobile’s simple paper load equals instant printing.

All FieldPro 2, 3, and 4-inch printers offer the best-advanced power management in the industry, which translates to a longer battery life - lasting a full shift or longer. Both the LP20 and the RT20 will operate without battery, meaning end users can hardwire the printer directly to a cart or vehicle and save the cost of buying a battery. All other mobile printing brands require a battery to operate.

The FieldPro LP20 is lighter than other 2-inch mobile label printers. It offers the largest media capacity and accommodates a roll with a 2.5-inch diameter. The rugged and reliable LP20 label printer allows more than 3500-inches of print per charge, and best-in-class memory. Feature-packed LP20 is perfect for warehousing, retail shelving, healthcare, and manufacturing applications.

The FieldPro RT20 is identical to the FieldPro LP20 but has a smaller footprint for optimum use in retail, public safety, route accounting, field service, transportation, sales force automation, hospitality, and entertainment applications. At 12-ounces, with the battery, the RT20 is the lightest rugged receipt printer in the industry.

Printek offers custom factory configuration for all printer settings. This saves approximately 15 minutes setup time during installation per printer, which translates to 25-hour hours saved for every 100 printers installed. A complete spectrum of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and IrDA wireless options are available. Additional options and accessories include magnetic card readers, data cables, adapters, batteries, belt loop attachments, plus a large variety of standard and premium media.

Contact Printek at 269-925-3200 to order a free 30-day Test Drive of any PrintekMobile printers – including the new FieldPro RT20 or LP20 printers.

Call 1.800.368.4636 to learn how to order a FREE 30-day Test Drive Printek Printer. Visit www.printek.com to learn more about PrintekMobile and Printek Dot Matrix Printers.