February Product News

Feb. 1, 2004
First look at new AGV products.

AGV Buyers' Guide


Tailor-made Laser Guided Vehicle carries a vehicle body through the assembly process. LaserWay technology recognizes reflectors to continuously position the vehicle within the system. Color-coding allows a quick view of the vehicle's status (location, vehicle load, low battery, e-stopped, etc.). The software lets the user make layout changes easily and can page an operator with predefined system message as they occur. Transbotics, transbotics.com, 704-362-1115.


The HK40 can move loads that weigh up to 4,000 lbs. Loads are transported at set speeds across set paths. The vehicle's dual drives allow it to pivot 360 degrees about its center. The vehicle is available with either a wire guidance navigation system or the Eagle IIT Technology, which eliminates floor-embedded wires. HK Systems, hksystems.com, 800-HKSYSTEMS.


Counterbalanced fork style, laser-guided AGV is designed for light loads up to 1,500 lbs. The vehicle has floor-to-elevation lift capability up to 98 in. and a 24 in. wheelbase. Other features include: a point-and-click function for guidepath changes; laser scanning front and rear bumper systems; and continuous RF communication and operator diagnostics. AGV Products, Inc., agvp.com, 704-845-1110.


This guided vehicle system provides a material handling solution that can quickly and easily be reconfigured. Feature include user-friendly software (Layout Wizard) that defines the road system, laser guidance which eliminates the need to make changes to the plant, and laser bumpers with programmable safety zones. FMC Technologies, fmcsgvs.com, 215-822-4300.


Automated guided carts (AGCs) deliver material to production lines with payloads up to 1,200 lbs. AGCs do not require in-floor guidance typical of AGVs. A Course-10 control box provides programming capabilities for multiple guide paths. For each path, up to 99 programmable commands are available, allowing for a wide variety of stops, restart timing, speed changes and turning options. Models are available in either uni-directional or bi-directional drives. Creform Corporation, creform-na.com, 800-839-8823.


Standard models for laser or wire guidance include: forklift type A, with straddling outrigger legs; type B, with fork over support legs; type D heavy duty fork lift, with straddling outrigger legs; quad motion forklift type Q, with dual steer/drive units; low built vehicle type A, unit loader; low built vehicle type C, unit loader; and side loading high lift type A or B. System layout changes can be performed by the customer. Amerden, amerden.com, 904-826-4490.


The DC-40 is available with an onboard gyroscope to determine AGV headings and positional information. Standard features include: automatic load/unload transfer deck; onboard routing logic (map of system path layout); onboard diagnostic mode for troubleshooting; real-time continuous RF communications anywhere along the guidepath; and AGV controls mounted in a drawer for accessibility. In addition, the vehicle automatically returns to the battery charge area upon sensing a low battery condition. Siemens Dematic, siemens.com, 616-913-7275.


The NavSystem is a map-based guidance system. The WalkThroughThenWork program installation takes minutes and requires no facility modification. Open architecture integrates with existing routing, traffic management and other AGV control systems. The NavSystem includes a proprietary vision system and navigation software. SEEGRID Corp., seegrid.com, 412-731-7174.

Storage Products


The 2100-Series and 2200-Series vertical carousels features include: a bolted-together modular design with frame components that can be disassembled; single- or dual-tiered pans; and a heavy duty scissor-arm conveyor mechanism with a fully-enclosed stabilizer track and single-piece drive shaft. Counter-mounted light bars direct the operator to the exact product location. The 2100 maximum pan size is 18 in. deep x 102 in. wide; the 2200 dimensions are 24 in. deep x 118 in. wide. FKI Logistex White Systems, whitesystems.com, 908-272-6700.


Techno-Boxes are water-resistant, reusable direct-to-store boxes that are designed for break-pack, pre-pick and pre-sort applications. They have self-locking bottoms and tops that set up without tape or glue and knock down flat for storage. Sizes range from 8 in. square up to 48 in. long x 24 in. wide x 24 in. high. Technology Container Corporation, techcontainer.com, 800-962-9218.


MediaStation Electric Lateral File consists of a series of vertically arranged rotating carriers controlled by an electric keypad. The file minimizes physical effort such as twisting, bending and tight grasping and provides easy system operation regardless of the user's body size, posture or mobility. MegaStar systems, megastarsystems.com, 800-701-1908.


The RR 5200 reach truck family has a variable side-stance design with padded surfaces and a suspended floorboard. The trucks offer variable side stance, a multi-task control handle, a lower step height and an entry bar with sensors to automatically slow truck travel. Other features include Rack Height Select, which can program the truck to stop the forks automatically at a selected height, and Tilt Position Assist, which lets the fork tilt go to a pre-programmed position. Crown Equipment Corporation, crown.com, 419-629-2311.


The S25-40XMS lift truck series has a compact, 2,500-4,000-lb. capacity design. The lift truck is equipped with an LPG engine and an isolated operator compartment. The S25-40XMS uses tapered roller bearings and heavy-duty integral sideshifts to provide load stability and maximum lifting capacities at all heights. Seat-side mounted hydraulics and ergonomics provide drivers with a spacious working environment. Hyster, hysterusa.com, 800-HYSTER-1.


The SR-10 rugged headset is worn behind the head and is designed for users who need to wear a hardhat or other head covering. The headset comes with an adjustable headband. It connects to the Talkman T2 wearable computer and is designed for speech recognition in industrial and warehouse settings. The headsets come in right and left-sided models and feature an ergonomically designed earpiece and a flexible boom microphone. The SR-10 uses a noise-canceling microphone. Vocollect, vocollect.com, 412-829-8145.


Stainless steel mobile lift table can transfer loads up to 500 lbs. Features include: a 24 in. x 24 in. table top, lift strokes of 14 in. or 16 in. (to 42 in. or 44 in. heights), adjustable down-speed control, four five-in. locking casters; rotating table top with four index positions; custom fixtures, including fixture table tops; and frame modifications. Unidex, Inc., unidex-inc.com, 585-786-3170.