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Jan. 17, 2006
Load-IT is SeayCos software solution which maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse picking and shipping processes. Our advanced dynamic
Load-IT is SeayCo’s software solution which maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse picking and shipping processes. Our advanced dynamic wave building system is parameter driven for the greatest user flexibility. By inputting your custom business requirements as parameters, our wave building software optimizes your picking process and balances your loading. With our unique load analyzer and advanced reporting tools, you can fine tune your entire distribution operations. SeayCo Integrators, based in Conyers, Georgia, has been developing custom software and controls solutions for the material handling industry since 1992. Our wave control solution tracks product accurately from selection to loading, and monitors, maintains and improves shipping and deliveries. It enables more product to get out the door in less time
and in delivery sequence. Deliveries are faster, easier and more accurate. Load-IT interfaces with any conveyor control and host system to provide an automated means of picking and loading product, significantly reducing labor overhead. Load-IT presents to the end-user an intuitive, easy-to-use interface honed by years of industry feedback, even if they lack prior computer experience.Key Load-IT Benefits· Increased capacity by transparently coordinating the efforts of multiple shipping doors with multiple picking locations. · Increased accuracy by tracking product selection labels via barcode scanners through an automated flow from selection to loading. · Human error reduction by minimizing the amount of product handling required to load product on trucks. · Increase labor efficiency by allowing workers to focus on specific tasks guided by the system to coordinate the efforts of all warehouse personnel. · Improve picking efficiency by assigning the picking to occur in the same sequence as the product occurs in the pick locations (“Pick Pathing”). “Pick Pathing” can also be managed in multi pass/multi wave format. · Leverage existing investment by integrating with any packaged or proprietary host system. · Gain superior systems control by tightly integrating with any existing PLC controls or SeayCo supplied PLC and controls, (including PLC’s, scanners, print and apply, weigh in motion, etc). Support and Training
SeayCo provides support and training for both the operation of the system and all job functions, from picking, stocking, administration and quality control to maintenance. We provide a complete set of Quick Reference Guides as well as a detailed User Guide. Our support group is available to assist with software and operational issues 24 x 7 x 365. Supported Environment · Any host systems · RF/ WiFi scanners · Voice recognition · Bar code printers · Hand held scanners and PDAs · MS Windows Server 2003 · MS SQL Server 2000 SeayCo Integrators Inc. is a systems integration company serving a wide variety of manufacturing and distribution industries. Check out our website or email [email protected] for more information on our wide range of software automation systems.
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