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RC 5500 Series

May 18, 2007
NEW BREMEN, Ohio Warehousing demands continue to increase and warehouse managers must take advantage of opportunities to improve flexibility and reliability.

NEW BREMEN, Ohio – Warehousing demands continue to increase and warehouse managers must take advantage of opportunities to improve flexibility and reliability. Crown’s RC 5500 Series Stand-Up Counterbalanced Lift Truck, named warehouse MVP (Most Versatile Performer), maximizes productivity and meets application demands with best-in-class features.

The RC 5500 Series starts where most trucks stop – with exceptional versatility. The RC 5500 Series can be used throughout a facility including loading and unloading trailers, transporting and staging products throughout the warehouse, and storing product in racks. The Crown RC 5500 Series offers unmatched visibility, operator comfort featuring the new FlexRide™ suspension and safe, industry-leading performance.

Enhancing the Operator’s Workspace “We really challenged ourselves to design the RC 5500 Series compartment to be the best in its class,” said Crown Director of Marketing and Product Management Matt Logan. “The lift truck
compartment is the operator’s office. We studied operator behavior including how they got on and off the lift truck, and how they maneuvered around the warehouse managing loads. As a result, we designed the compartment of the RC 5500 for comfort and productivity.”

Increased productivity means minimizing discomfort. Operators traveling over rough floors and dock plates on a stand-up lift truck absorb shock and vibration. Crown’s new FlexRide suspension protects operators from the wear and tear created in a typical dock application, providing a ride comparable to a luxury automobile.

This revolutionary design reduces shock and vibration by up to three times more than other stand-up trucks and allows operators to fine tune the ride to their preference.

“Our research showed FlexRide allows operators to be more productive when navigating uneven floors or dock plates,” said Logan. “The contoured backrest, hip pads and foot rests found on the RC 5500 also contribute to overall operator comfort and productivity.”

OSHA mandates lift trucks travel in the direction of best visibility. On counterbalanced lift trucks like the RC 5500 Series that means traveling power unit first. “The superior visibility offered by the RC 5500 is apparent from the onset,” said Logan.

Crown designers also considered the shape of the power unit as well as the placement of the pillars, mast and overhead guard as opportunities to maximize visibility. By indenting the right-side wall, the operator has a direct sightline to the front of the truck and its forks. This enhanced view allows operators to anticipate any trouble spots and correct position of the lift truck before making tight turns.

“The design team contoured corners and added an orange visibility indicator to the right side of the power unit,” said Vice President – Design Center Mike Gallagher. “We opened the center of the window by moving chains and hoses and repositioned the pillars to increase overall visibility and reduce blind spots, offering the operator clear views of his or her work area.”
All of these enhancements – FlexRide, the shape of and ergonomic features found in the operator compartment, component placement and visibility indicators – in conjunction with the side-stance configuration offer unmatched visibility.

Industry-Leading Technology
The performance capabilities of the RC 5500 Series are also enhanced with the integration of Crown’s industry-leading technologies designed to improve safe performance such as:

  • Access 123® Comprehensive System Control monitors and controls all systems on the RC 5500 Series to ensure superior performance and reliab
  • The Intrinsic Stability System helps keep the RC 5500 in a safe operating condition by monitoring performance based on the current operating environment, such as the lift truck’s direction, speed, wheel angle, fork position and the weight of the load.
  • The new e-GENTM Braking System significantly reduces maintenance costs by eliminating wearable parts, adjustments and fluid leaks. The system leverages the torque of the Crown AC motors with other integrated systems, replacing traditional maintenance-intensive brakes.
  • The InfoPoint® System delivers faster, simpler and higher quality service and
    troubleshooting with quick reference guides and on-truck component maps.

    Simplified Serviceability
    “Our goal was to build a lift truck that operators and service technicians were already familiar with,” said Logan. “Both groups will like the RC 5500 Series because it mirrors other Crown lift trucks. The control handle, mast, display and Access control modules will all be familiar. We built the RC 5500 for easy navigation and serviceability.”
    Crown minimized downtime by building in reliability that reduces service requirements. Logan added, “By removing two covers and three bolts, typical service components can be accessed in mere minutes. Incorporating proven fundamentals simplifies service and Crown’s rigorous field and lab testing increases reliability of each individual part – and ultimately the lift truck.”