Product News

March 1, 2001
ADVANCED VECTOR AND SERVO CONTROL Software for the 18H Vector and 23H Servo controls includes new features. With


Software for the 18H Vector and 23H Servo controls includes new features. With Preset Positions, up to 15 preset position moves can be programmed. Triple Mode Pulse-Follower handles applications requiring coordinated control of multiple motors. Velocity-Following is an accurate speed-based speed and direction follower. And the Position-Synchronization mode allows real time synchronization to the leader by adding or subtracting pulses. Baldor Electric Co.


Universal adjustable attachment lets the CartCaddy5W tow tractor attach to different size carts, equipment or anything heavy on wheels. The cart’s walk-behind design lets operators manipulate loads in tight areas. It will also reduce the risk of injuries caused by over-extending the human body. DJ Products Inc.


This new line of pneumatically powered lift/tilt tables lets workers position container loads of product and tilt them for parts picking. Capacities range from 1,000 to 6,000 lb. Econo Lift


The Enable Keypad electronically limits access to battery-powered lift and material handling equipment. It’s an alternative to key access. A valid user code enables the machine; users press the star key to disable the machine. A timeout period can also be programmed to disable equipment. Axiomatic Technologies Corp.


The ImageTeam 3870 Cordless Linear Imager reads PDF417, MicroPDF417 and all common linear bar code symbologies. An operator can work up to 50 feet from the host system, which uses two-way 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum radio. Up to nine scanners can be linked to a base, each having a unique ID and set of operating parameters. The rechargeable battery delivers 25 hours of operation, or 18,000 scans. The unit is sealed to IP-54 rating. Hand Held Products, a Welch Allyn affiliate


The Releco Interfacer is an interface relay that links PC or PLC logic to machine action. The relay is both AC and DC with a built-in surge suppresser. One universal-polarity relay socket satisfies every voltage requirement from 12 V DC to 230 V AC. Thus, relay sockets don’t need to be reinstalled and rewired every time application voltage requirements or features change. Turck Inc.


The Automated Electrified Monorail system does not require a chain or close-looped track. It uses independently motor driven carrier trolleys, similar to an AGV, except that it operates overhead, freeing up floor space. For automotive and heavy-duty materials industries, each carrier can handle up to 2,500 pounds. It also offers variable speeds, creeping less than a foot a minute to delivering goods over long distances at up to 300 feet per minute. The Climbing Trolley permits changes in elevation without the use of assist conveyors or elevators. Dearborn Mid-west Conveyor Co.


The 5080S Model reach truck with fold-down seat gives operators the flexibility of standing, leaning or sitting to handle a task. Travel speeds can be more than 8 miles per hour and lift speeds are more than 135 feet per minute. The multi-task control handle is comfortable and intuitive, allowing simultaneous blending of hydraulic functions to speed pallet handling. The backrest, arm and elbow support, and control handle adjust up or down. Crown Equipment Corp.


This drum truck’s spring-loaded axle does the hard work, not the operator. It can stand upright without a kickstand for convenient storage. It accommodates both steel and fiber drums from 24" to 42" high. U.S. Best Inc.


FreeWheelers are a maintenance-free, self-lubricating pick track system. It uses a rib-reinforced engineered resign wheel and large diameter axle that is self-lubricating and wash-down friendly. The wheel design is twice as wide as conventional steel wheels for better pallet floatation, less drag, and fewer pallet hang-ups. They are available in light (150 pounds) duty and heavy (225 pounds) duty versions, each with dimensions of 1.9 by 1.25-inches. Creative Storage Systems


For a warehouse management system to make accurate decisions about put away, packing and repacking, load planning and shipping, it needs precise height, width, length, and weight data for each product. The CubiScan dimensioning system uses laser, infrared light, or ultrasound technology to profile product dimensions. These data are stored as DBF or flat ASCII files that are uploaded in real-time or batch mode to a warehouse management system using Qbit software. There are three static dimensioning and weighing systems and three in-motion units that fit into conveyor distribution centers. Quantronix Inc.


EZ Clean 2000 plastic conveyor belting eliminates pathogen danger zones and provides an easier-to-clean, strong, 2-inch modular belt. Meeting the needs of sanitation requirements, the belt has larger, more open hinges that allow access to the rod area. Cleaning channels help dislodge particles in hinges and sprocket engagement areas. Rounded hinge edges reduce build-up points that can become pathogen growth zones. The ratcheted sprocket prevents slippage. Ashworth Bros. Inc.


CE-Wedge serial data acquisition software is a data collection program that interfaces serial devices to any Windows CE program. These devices include bar code scanners, calipers, micrometers and scales. It enters real-time serial data directly into Pocket Excel, Pocket Word or other CE application program. TAL Technologies Inc.