Nov. 19, 2008
(GREENVILLE, NC) Hyster Company will be introducing the Hyster E45-70XN, the companys newest line of electric lift trucks at ProMat 2009 in January. With

(GREENVILLE, NC) Hyster Company will be introducing the Hyster® E45-70XN, the company’s newest line of electric lift trucks at ProMat 2009 in January. With several design enhancements and improved styling, the E45-70XN line offers numerous advantages in quality and ergonomics that make it one of most operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks on the market.

The Hyster E45-70XN features a remodeled operator compartment with increased foot and leg room and a removable floor plate for quick maintenance solutions. The truck’s ergonomically improved compartment has a relocated dash display for enhanced visibility and pallet control, while a redesigned hood provides maximum battery service access to reduce downtime. The hood’s new design also allows easy access for the driver when entering and exiting the truck.

A new Traction Motor, designed with steel skin and cast end bells to allow for maximum air flow, features improved speed sensors to provide accurate speed monitoring over the entire motor operating temperature range. The entire line has been subjected to comprehensive environmental and electrical testing to ensure the trucks meet and exceed all international standards for industrial lift trucks.

Durable parts and control systems, customizable software and expert truck optimization enhance the performance and productivity of the Hyster AC-powered lift trucks while reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Backed by one of the largest and most experienced dealer networks in the industry, Hyster customers have access to an expansive parts availability program, in-depth operator training and product customization for special applications.

To find your local Hyster® dealer, please visit www.hyster.com.