May 26, 2004
William Frick is introducing a new line of RFID solutions specifically for high heat applications. At 620F, lead melts, but William Fricks Double Teflon-Coated

William Frick is introducing a new line of RFID solutions specifically for high heat applications. At 620°F, lead melts, but William Frick’s Double Teflon-Coated RFID tag (“SM-HE16”) will be able to survive and keep functioning. The key is in the revolutionary inlay design. “In partnership with Technologies ROI (TROI), our patent-pending products where we solder the tag IC and antennas to a circuit board are much more durable than conventional designs using polyester and adhesive,” says John Poplowski, product development manager. “At high heat, the adhesive will melt and fail, whereas our soldered-on design can survive up to 650°F easily. Also, in the field where vibration and impact will force tags to fail, the solder connections of the SM-HE16 are vastly superior. ”

The SM-HE16, the newest member of William Frick’s SmartMark™ line of RFID solutions, is a UHF EPC Class-1 Gen2 tag compatible with industry standard printers, readers, and software. “Harsh environment survivability has always been a key market for us,” said Michael Sheng, marketing manager. “Over the last 34 years, we have designed numerous asset tracking solutions that are weather, chemical, impact, and heat resistant. It is only natural that we bring our expertise to the RFID market.” Featuring a 360° read profile and multiple attachment options, the SM-HE16 is perfect for tracking assets in today’s manufacturing plants.

Another key design difference is in the chip packaging. In standard RFID labels, a microchip the size of a grain of sand is glued onto a label backing and then covered over with a plastic overlay. The tag IC on the SM-0015 is housed in a protective shell and attached to a circuit board using solder. “The SM-0015 can be completely embedded in concrete, rubber, fiberglass, and other materials. This new concept allows the RFID tag to take the properties of its housing unit without significantly affecting read performance.”

Using different encapsulations, this line of RFID tags can withstand lengthy exposure to high temperature. They are extremely impact and vibration resistant. The SM-HE16 is truly designed to survive for many years.

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