Warehouse Solutions

June 3, 2008
Material products handling manufacturer Steel King of Stevens Point, Wisconsin is offering new ways for companies to expand or improve warehouse storage

Material products handling manufacturer Steel King of Stevens Point, Wisconsin is offering new ways for companies to expand or improve warehouse storage and distribution without building costly new facilities. These new solutions include a host of innovative storage rack warehouse solutions that can now help without breaking the budget.

For example, to maximize storage and selectivity, savvy warehouse managers are increasingly turning from traditional techniques like floor stacking and selective racks to advanced methods, such as the pushback pallet rack, which offers up to 90 percent more product storage than selective rack systems and up to 400 percent more selectivity than drive-in racks.

Unlike static, single-pallet deep selective racks, a dynamic pushback rack system such as the SK3600 by Steel King allows storing pallets two to five deep while providing easy access to a variety of different SKUs. Pallets are stored behind each other in a series of nested carts and are loaded from the same side of the system, eliminating separate aisles for each function. Composed of a stable rack along with a series of inclined carts and rails, when one pallet is pulled, the one behind it rolls forward.

For maximum pallet rack use in a minimum footprint, along with inventory management capability, a warehouse pallet flow storage system can help.

In a pallet flow storage system such as the SK3400 by Steel King, dynamic flow rails are inclined in a static rack structure, allowing loads placed on one end to move by gravity on rollers to the unloading end, with speed controllers acting as gentle brakes. As a load is removed, the loads behind it move forward automatically.

Once loaded, FIFO product rotation is automatic and the rack eliminates labor and fork truck operation to arrange loads. Forklifts are required only for the initial and final unloading. Compared to traditional selective pallet rack use, which requires multiple aisles, aisle space can be reduced by 75 percent and up to 100 percent more product can be stored.

For a solution to empty pallet storage problems, the Over-Dock Pallet Storage Rack by Steel King can not only help warehouse/logistics managers and shipping/receiving supervisors put more product in their warehouse without a bigger building, but also enhance safety, aesthetics and operational efficiency.

Like a kitchen cupboard for the kitchen, the Over-Dock Pallet Storage Rack keeps empty pallets safely out of the way until they're needed, when they're conveniently at hand in a specially designed over the loading dock storage rack that'll accommodate empty pallets, skids or returnable shipping containers. With typically two shelves installed above an average 12-foot wide dock door, almost 100 sq. ft of additional floor storage space can be added above each dock door.

With every square inch of warehouse space used to its fullest, many companies are also looking to extend the use of existing square footage with free standing elevated work platforms. One example is the Steel King ClereSpan Mezzanine. Available in variable first-level heights and spans up to 20 feet, this platform can be customized with a variety of floor surfaces, stairs, and gates.

For application-specific, storage rack warehouse solutions, Steel King racks can be customized, modified or combined to meet requirements for space use, load, seismic code or other needs. Customized multi-level systems are also available.

For more info or a free copy of Steel King's "Pushback System Safe Operating Procedures User Handbook," contact Donald Heemstra at Steel King, 2700 Chamber St., Stevens Point, WI 54481; call 800-826-0203; email: (dheemstra @ steelking.com) or visit the website www.steelking.com.