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Lift Truck Technologies

Feb. 25, 2005
"Raymond focuses on developing and incorporating new technologies that will help its users improve material handling operations in terms of truck reliability,

"Raymond focuses on developing and incorporating new technologies that will help its users improve material handling operations in terms of truck reliability, performance and cost of ownership," says Jim Malvaso, president of The Raymond Corporation. "We are working with developers of emerging technologies to ensure that our trucks will be compatible with or incorporate these innovations as they become practical and commercially available."

Raymond® trucks are currently being used in a working RFID warehouse, or "living lab," in Alberta, Canada. This joint venture with three other North American companies is helping to assess the value, productivity and return on investment of RFID in the materials handling world. RFID requires no physical contact between the pallet or case and the scanning device. That means lift truck operators do not have to dismount or otherwise expend effort and time to record the receipt, movement or placement of loads. RFID codes also have the advantages of being highly secure, accurate and flexible.

Over the last two years, Raymond has worked with several fuel cell technology companies to explore the viability of hydrogen fuel cell power for lift trucks. Fuel cells would replace batteries and generate significant savings by eliminating battery change-out, enabling longer run times and eliminating battery-charging infrastructure. Fuel cell companies have had functional demonstrations in North America that provided hands-on testing and assessment.

Raymond is also involved in the development of a vision system for lift trucks. These systems use cameras and/or lasers mounted on the fork carriage to make it easier for operators to position the forks for put away and retrieval of loads. The operators can watch the forks interface with the rack from a screen in the compartment, thus increasing accuracy and efficiency. The laser system uses a point of light to indicate the position of the forks relative to the rack.

For over 82 years, The Raymond Corporation has produced superior lift trucks that offer reliability, low cost of operation, and optimum operator comfort and productivity. Current investments in emerging technologies will ensure that Raymond continues to be a leader in these areas.

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