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May 30, 2006
QC Industries Introduces Low-Profile Conveyors for Elevation ChangesQC Industries' 125Z Series Conveyors for Elevation Changes in Tight Quarters Cincinnati,

QC Industries Introduces Low-Profile Conveyors for Elevation Changes

QC Industries' 125Z Series Conveyors for Elevation Changes in Tight Quarters

Cincinnati, OH - The 125Z Series line of conveyors from QC Industries provides tight product transfer and the ability to fit within space constrained areas. Fixed angles ranging from 30° to 90° minimize the number of required components (and their costs), while providing the highest load carrying capacity in the industry. When coupled with their low profile (1.89"), these features make 125Z Series low-profile conveyors ideal for use wherever product needs to be moved and raised (or lowered), including manufacturing plants, automation cells, packaging lines, metal stamping and precision manufacturing environments, and more.

The unique Z-Track(TM) allows users to gain control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline. This component adjusts rapidly for belt installation and tracking adjustments then locks in the tracking setting to ensure long belt life. Belt widths of 8" to 24" are available, in lengths up to 20 feet, with load carrying capacity of up to 125 pounds, and speeds to 225 fpm. A unique snap-in sealed tail assembly allows belts to be changed quickly regardless of belt length or width) using standard hand tools and without re-tracking the belt. Permanent belt tensioning ensures a long service life for belts and bearings while moving the heaviest loads in low-profile conveyors. Lubrication of drive elements is achieved with zero downtime.

Five standard configurations are available to meet any need. The "Z" configuration moves product horizontally to an incline (or decline) and back to horizontal again. The "L" configuration moves horizontally to an incline and the "R" moves horizontally to a decline. Unique to QC Industries, the "N" configuration moves product on an incline, then horizontally to a decline. The "U" is a decline to horizontal to incline conveyor. Each is available with a variety of angles, section lengths and widths, making this the most versatile angled frame conveyor available.

Conveyor frames are laser cut from 10-gauge steel which is then powder coated. High tensile strength cleated belts, with superior strength-to-weight ratio, are available in multiple cleat styles and sizes to suit any application. Cleats are high-frequency welded onto the belt surface at customer-specified spacing for optimum performance. Corrugated sidewalls can be added to the belt for maximum part containment. Corrosion resistant and magnetic conveyors are also available.

A wide variety of accessories, including sides, guides, mounts, stands, drive packages and controls allow the 125Z Series conveyors to be adapted to virtually any application. Automation accessories available include transfer plates, diverters, nose bars, adjustable stops, turning wheels, and an adjustable hopper. For installations where it is necessary to show that conveyor belts are running, motion detection is available. An industry leading manufacturer of low-profile conveyors, QC Industries products are used in a wide array of industries, including packaging, stamping, medical product & device manufacturing, assembly, material handling, manufacturing, clean rooms, and more.

Privately held QC Industries is based in a state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio which houses their lean manufacturing, engineering, customer service, sales, and administrative functions. They have been supplying low-profile conveyors since 1981, making this their 25th anniversary. For more information on QC Industries products or services, visit them online at www.qcindustries.com. You may also reach them via e-mail at [email protected], via phone at (513) 753-6000, or through the mail at QC Industries LLC, 4057 Clough Woods Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45103.

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