PolyPlank Renew

Nov. 14, 2008
Deerfield, Ill. Pregis Corp. is unveiling PolyPlank Renew, a new mid-density foam plank grade that contains up to 60% pre-consumer recycled content. The

Deerfield, Ill. — Pregis Corp. is unveiling PolyPlank® Renew™, a new mid-density foam plank grade that contains up to 60% pre-consumer recycled content. The closed-cell polyethylene (PE) product is an ideal alternative for foam plank cushioning applications desiring environmental benefits coupled with excellent cushioning performance.

“PolyPlank Renew is one of two brand new sustainable product offerings we are unveiling at Pack Expo today. As we announced earlier in the year, Pregis is committed to developing new products which reduce environmental impact,” says Josephine Lee, marketing director, Pregis Protective Packaging North America.

Because up to 60% regrind is used, the decreased dependence on 100% virgin resin contributes to the conservation of petroleum-derived raw materials.

The new addition to Pregis’ PolyPlank® family will have a density of approximately 1.5 pounds for cubic foot (pcf). That positions Renew midway between existing 1.2 and 1.7 pcf alternatives.

“We also see this as ideal for products currently using higher-density foam plank for their cushioning requirements, but who may not really need that level of protection,” explains Damon Georgia, regional sales manager, Pregis.

PolyPlank Renew is easy to fabricate, resilient and non-abrasive. PolyPlank PE foam provides excellent shock and vibration protection during product transport. It is also water resistant and has good flotation properties for recreational and sporting applications as well as good insulation properties where required. Renew is available up to 48-inches wide and in thicknesses ranging from ½- to 3-inches.

“PolyPlank Renew is the latest addition to the Pregis “green” family of products whose purpose is to address the growing need for sustainable packaging alternatives,” Lee says. “Renew foam protects the environment through the reuse of scrap that would otherwise be diverted into the waste stream.”

Market and product segments targeted by Renew include: medical diagnostic equipment; consumer electronics (such as monitors, computers, disc drives, radios, etc.); automotive (bumper, windshield packs, part separators, trim, etc.); recreational (seat cushions, surfboards, canoe and boat carriers, etc.); case inserts for (military applications, photographic equipment, storage/shipping); furniture, glass doors, vending machines and ATMs.

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