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Dock Scheduling Software

May 4, 2006
Web-based deployment, connects users via LAN, WAN, Internet or in an application hosted by BGI. This eliminates the need for other software layers and
Web-based deployment, connects users via LAN, WAN, Internet or in an application hosted by BGI. This eliminates the need for other software layers and gives users on-demand access to data anywhere and any place.Full release:
Leading Dock Scheduling Software Embraces Microsoft's .NET Technology SmartDock .NET® from BGI combines the efficiency of the Internet with award-winning features (and new enhancements) to streamline dock appointment automation. OLATHE, KS (March 7, 2006) -- BGI International, a leading provider of logistics and dock scheduling software, announces the introduction of its highly anticipated scheduling solution built on the .NET framework. SmartDock .NET leverages the ease-of-use of BGI's award-winning SmartDock Scheduling System with the Web savvy integration capabilities of Microsoft's .NET platform. The result is a fully Web-enabled, robust-yet-agile dock scheduling tool that's highly scalable, allowing implementation by the smallest warehouses and the largest manufacturers and distribution enterprises in the industry. SmartDock .NET can be hosted locally or deployed utilizing the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model. "Since its introduction in 1996, SmartDock has become the industry standard for user-friendly dock scheduling solutions backed by world class customer support," says BGI co-founder Tom Bauer. "With today's .NET offering, we've built on the rich drag-and-drop functionality of the legacy system and added new features that enhance the appointment automation process, including deployment options that range from low cost subscription plans to full implementation across a
customer's entire enterprise." Bauer says that BGI customers, whether their dock operations focus on inbound or outbound traffic, will benefit from numerous SmartDock enhancements as well as the utilization of the .NET framework: - Web-based deployment, connecting users via LAN, WAN, Internet or in an application hosted by BGI. This eliminates the need for software layers like Terminal Services and Citrix, and it gives customers on-demand access to their data anywhere and any place. - A Smart Client platform, maintaining the drag-and-drop data functionality that SmartDock users depend upon. - Real-time dashboard, displaying critical operational metrics such as loads due, scheduled and shipped/received. - Exclusive SmartLot, capturing dropped trailer/container data to track arrival and departure times as well as what product is stored on the equipment. - Carrier Web scheduling (slated for May release), allowing appointment times to be set via the Internet. This frees scheduling clerks to focus on more productive tasks. BGI co-founder Richard Gramza says that SmartDock .NET highlights the company's continued dedication to high return, low cost-of-ownership solutions for its customers.

"SmartDock .NET is a turnkey solution that offers our customers a smart, efficient, easy way to take control of their dock activity," Gramza says. "SmartDock .NET minimizes labor costs associated with the scheduling process. It maximizes planning capabilities and efficiency. It enhances reporting options. And it is inexpensive to purchase, deploy and maintain. That positively impacts our customers' bottom lines and maximizes their ROI."

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Located in suburban Kansas City, BGI International has provided logistics and dock scheduling software solutions since 1988. Besides SmartDock and the new SmartDock .NET, BGI offers TMS-2000, an inbound traffic management system; ABMI, comprehensive managed savings and freight payment services; and BGI Logistics, a third party logistics approach to freight management services. Customers include foodservice companies, grocery companies, and retail and wholesale distributors.

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