Aspen Adds Online Recall Tool

Aspen Logistics, Inc. has added a real-time recall tracking tool to its website, As 3PL responsible for the supply chains of many large manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical and pet industries, the company offers this tool as a quick way to access snap-shots of critical points in a chain whenever there is a recall situation. The company made this announcement following a recent rash of tainted product recalls in the pharmaceutical industry.

Reports filter products according to the company code, SKU, and (optionally) the lot. Clients can view where a questionable product is within their supply chains. If the situation calls for it, the data will be used to quickly pull the inventory before it makes its way to the public.

The solution went live through a beta application a few months ago. After some success with the beta version the solution has been made available to all of those who utilize the customer portal. Aspen expects to see the tool’s use grow as stiffer regulations are released.

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