Flexible Storage Solution from FlexLink

FlexLink's launches intelligent automatic storage and retrieval system for full control in demand driven production.

The new automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is a flexible solution - not only for storing - but also for testing, buffering and sorting within assembly production. It allows full control over the process even in mixed production and it completes FlexLink's range of Dynamic Assembly Systems (DAS) for reconfigurable production.

"The new ASRS ensures full production control also for operations such as kitting, sorting, buffering, testing and storing.

This allows effective demand driven production without bottle necks. This minimizes the value tied up in work-in-process. Examples from the PC-manufacturing industry shows that we have reduced WIP with more than 50% in the final test and software download process", says Mats Lillqvist of FlexLink's Applied Technology Division.

The ASRS can store and retrieve products weighing up to 60 kg to a height of 4.5 m for maximum utilization of floor space. Thanks to an escort memory with read write functionality, the system keeps track of the products and processes. To handle different kinds of operations, the production flow management software operates in several modes:
o Production buffering - eliminating bottlenecks in production peaks or maintenance
o Sorting - temporary FIFO storage until batch completion
o Kitting - storage of components, tools and fixtures enables minimum time for setup and change over
o Storing - for operations like drying, cooling, heating, curing and ageing
o Testing - efficient utilization through automated and parallel 24/7 testing

Along with its flexibility the system also offers quick installation and reconfiguration with a minimum of production interruption. The ASRS completes FlexLink's offer in Dynamic Assembly System (DAS) technology and is fully compliant with the step-by-step automation philosophy.

FlexLink is a leading global supplier of innovative automation solutions to the assembly and manufacturing industries. Based in Goteborg, Sweden, FlexLink employs 560 people and operates 23 international companies with representatives in 60 countries. In 2005, group turnover was MSEK 1,154.

Contact: Paul Jarossy
FlexLink Systems, Inc.
6580 Snowdrift Road
Allentown, PA 18106
E-mail: [email protected]

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