ASRS Holds Four-Cylinder Engines

Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA), a joint venture comprised of DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi Motors located in Dundee, Mich., has gone live with a new automated storage retrieval system (AS/RS) from Viastore Systems (Grand Rapids, Mich.). GEMA is building a new family of engines consisting of in-line, four-cylinder aluminum power plants. The modern design of these engines will enhance fuel efficiency and improve performance for a variety of vehicles that will serve each partner in various market segments. The new 450,000 sq.-ft. plant will double the production to 840,000 4-cylinder aluminum engines for small and midsize cars.

GEMA wanted an AS/RS with a good interface between it and input/output robots, as w4ell as the capability to store engine blocks four deep without the use special load carrier. The ASRS and rack structure are equipped with pads and cradles to handle the engine blocks directly.

Source: Viastore Systems

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