Minneapolis, MN – SICK, announced the launch of its new series of AT20 Line Array Sensors. The AT20 is the only line array sensor available that has diffuse mode, making it ideal for harsh environments where dirt and dust can interfere with retro-reflective sensors. The AT20’s industry-leading resolution and simple setup are ideal for glue-bead diameter applications and web guide applications in the printing and packaging markets.

The AT20 comes in two variants that are specifically designed for edge detection/ positioning in web guide applications and for diameter measurement of targets on flat surfaces. The AT20’s diffuse mode is unaffected by harsh environmental factors, which reduces downtime and labor costs and improves quality control. The AT20’s high resolution and repeatability make it a cost-effective solution for applications requiring precise measurements. Plus, these compact sensors feature a high visibility white LED light source that helps identify black/white and minimal grayscale contrasts between the target and background.

Tracie Manor
[email protected]

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