Atlet Offers 10 Ways to Say I Love You

Anaheim, Calif.—Atlet Inc. is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering 10 ways to love and care for Atlet equipment.

Here are the 10 things you can do this Feb. 14 to show you care:

1. Perform a battery maintenance with some TLC. Use only distilled water. Wipe up any spillage. And, make an acid adjustment, if necessary.

2. Make sure you have a clean working environment. Debris left on the floor can cause wheel damage and create dangerous situations.

3. OSHA requires a daily inspection of your Atlet equipment, but on Valentine's Day, be extra diligent. Check for strapping in the wheels and any gashes that could create trouble. Check the backup signal, the horn, the steering and the hydraulics.

4. Plan a re-training day for your maintenance personnel, just to be sure your Atlet is getting the best of care all year round.

5. Promise your Atlet you'll be more diligent about safety. Check load weight, so you don't exceed capacity. You'll make sure the load is stable. You'll stack the pallets evenly and neatly, and you'll avoid load over hangs.

6. Make sure that everyone who operates your Atlet is properly trained and fully qualified.

7. Use only top-quality pallets in good condition.

8. Don't eat or drink while operating Atlet equipment. Spilt coffee and squished baloney sandwiches can harm delicate circuitry and mechanical systems.

9. Don't deface your Atlet with stickers or slogans and such. Keep it as beautiful as the day it came out of the Atlet factory.

10. A bath would be nice…with soft caressing rubbing to wipe it dry. Remember to keep away from electrical bits and parts.

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