Auto-ID Handbook

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Accu-Sort Systems Inc. announced today the availability of its new handbook, "Auto ID in the Material Handling Industry." The 36-page publication is a comprehensive overview of the different technologies used in auto-ID systems, from bar codes to RFID. It is available in print by calling 1-800-BAR CODE or in pdf format for downloading from Accu-Sort's website by clicking on the handbook title above.

"Auto ID in the Material Handling Industry" represents the combined knowledge of Accu-Sort's designers and engineers, who have been developing reliable auto-ID and high-speed compliance solutions for more than 35 years. Each chapter includes a basic description of the different auto-ID technologies, their benefits and limitations, and guidelines on designing a system. Chapters include:

  • Introduction to Bar Code Scanning - An overview of bar codes, laser scanning equipment, decoder operation, and system design considerations.
  • Introduction to Camera Technology - A review of camera basics, comparison of laser and camera capabilities, and system design considerations.
  • Introduction to RFID - A description of RFID technology, comparisons between bar code and RFID capabilities, and how to implement an RFID system.

For more information, call 1-800-BAR-CODE or visit the Accu-Sort website at

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