Automate Business Integration

Automate Business Integration

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) 2.5 features design-time tools that automate the most time-consuming and expensive activities in business integration, allowing companies to reduce project time, effort and costs by 70 percent or more.

It is an integration broker suite that allows users to create and deploy external and internal integration solutions without programming. It bridges the gaps between data integration tools, business process automation tools, web services toolkits, XML transformations tools kits, spreadsheet integrators and conventional EDI translators.

An EDI Provisioning Assistant saves EDI setup time by generating partner endpoints in bulk from sample files containing one or more EDI interchanges. Database monitors automate changes in data capture and response, meaning no coding is required to setup database triggers on application events. EDI exit points allow user-defined custom processing during EDI document analysis and routing, and for custom exception handling.

EXTOL International

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