Automate Multi-Enterprise Processes

Automate Multi-Enterprise Processes

EXTOL International and TMW Systems announce that Enterprise Adapter now integrates with EDI Integrator for more rapid implementation of EDI transactions. Enterprise adapters enable rapid integration of business processes with external transactions, services, and file interfaces, as well as third-party and internally developed applications, services, and data. This enables customers to automate multi-enterprise business processes, including load tender-to-delivery, order-to-cash, supply chain visibility, demand-driven replenishment, and partner-proprietary collaborations.

Innovative IES from TMW Systems is an enterprise transportation software solution which provides all levels of a company with real-time transportation information that is accessible, meaningful and easy to manage. This helps improve decision-making and planning, reduces costs and improves customer service on a corporate level, by incorporating operations, administration, safety, maintenance and many other modules.

By combining Innovative IES and EXTOL, users can streamline their EDI integration, be more responsive to customer's changing requirements and rapidly on-board new trading partners.


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