Automated Carton Handling

Automated Carton Handling

TGW’s Twister load handling technology reduces product touches and improves space utilization. These devices offer a variety of design options for automated storage and retrieval applications.

Automatically store cases up to four-deep in shelving racks while providing access to each individual case to ensure stock integrity. Case dimensions can range from 7.87 to 31.50″ long and 5.91 to 25.59″ wide. Belt conveyors integrated in the load handling device enable high throughput rates. Because the load is directly handed over to a driven conveyor system, without having to extend telescopic arms, handling times at pick up and deposit stations are reduced. The Twister can combine multiple storage and retrieval and pick up and deposit moves within one transaction to optimize machine usage.

The ability to handle different cartons and totes with varying sizes within multiple storage depths within the same journey provides flexibility that allows warehouse managers to manage different package sizes contained in the same storage aisle. The system can optionally adapt the storage space required along the aisle in the shelving racks to the respective sizes of the packages to be stored. This storage density maximizes the warehouse footprint.

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