Automated Inspection System

Automated Inspection System

PPT Vision’s Impact M-Series embedded vision system delivers increased precision and speed to automated inspection, guidance and identification production processes. Featuring up to four asynchronously triggered cameras that run on a single processor, the M-Series allows each camera to be independently optimized with the appropriate speed, resolution and size.

With high-speed camera frame rates—up to 210 frames per second—the vision system provides complete images to the dual-core processor. This allows capture of fast moving products, resulting in more high quality inspections.

Perform up to four unique inspections at different times or simultaneously using a single vision processor. By eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, the Impact M-Series saves additional costs and reduces setup and networking time for industries that require more than one inspection, including electronics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer products and automotive.

PPT Vision

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