Automatic Bag Filling

Automatic Bag Filling

Flexicon’s new Bulk Bag Filling Line automatically dispenses pallets, fills bulk bags, and accumulates filled bags for removal by forklift. The dispenser, which holds up to 15 pallets, is equipped with a powered roller conveyor that removes the bottom-most pallet from the stack and positions it directly beneath the cantilevered fill head of a bulk bag filler.

An operator then connects an empty bag to four actuated bag strap hooks, seals the bag spout using an inflatable collar, and presses a bag inflation button to initiate a seven-step automated filling sequence: 1) start a conveyor to fill the bag at high rate, 2) reduce the feed rate to dribble speed as the target weight is approached, 3) stop the conveyor once the target rate is achieved, 4) vibrate the pallet to densify and stabilize the bag, 5) deflate the spout seal, 6) release the bag loops and 7) release the pallet with newly filled bag (and any previously filled bags) to roll to the furthest of three downstream conveyor positions.

Flexicon Corporation

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