Automatic Stretch Wrapping

Automatic Stretch Wrapping

Lantech's Q-300XT stretch wrapping machine offers a large load-placement window for its automatic film cut-and-clamp system. Designed to eliminate lift truck driver dismounts, the XT film cut-and-clamp system features a 10-inch offset for most loads, while providing automatic attachment of the film to the load and cutting of the film upon completion of the wrap cycle. The fully guarded cut/clamp system flips up for easy cleaning.

The Q-300XT stretch wrapper allows the lift truck operator to drive up, position the pallet on the turntable, start the machine with a lanyard switch or a wireless Click-n-Go remote, and drive away – without getting off the lift truck.

The Q-300XT wraps loads up to 80" tall and weighing up to 4000 lb. The machine's electronically controlled, variable wrap force and 200% pre-stretch on the film ensure consistent, tight loads with economical use of film, reduced labor and improved ergonomics. Film pre-stretch up to 300% is available. The stretch wrapper is easy to operate with a touch panel control, featuring color-coded operating functions for quick, clear identification.


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