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Automatically Control Sort Speed

Automatically Control Sort Speed

Dematic introduced automatic speed control to automatically adjust the speed of the entire sortation system from merge through the sorter take-away conveyors to accommodate actual throughput volume. Automatically adjusting the sorter speed reduces energy use, wear on equipment, sound levels and maintenance requirements. Automatic speed control extends the life of the sorter and conveyors, improves package control, while reducing the cost to operate.

The sorter automatically adjusts to the throughput demand as it changes throughout the day. If there is a surge or decline in flow, the sorter automatically speeds up or slows down to accommodate the variable rate. The sorter does not run continuously at full speed throughout each shift of operation since actual demand vacillates in most warehouse operations. This is how the energy savings is accomplished while allowing less stress on the conveyors and sorter. In a typical system, the speed will vary from 250 feet per minute up to 540 feet per minute depending on the rate of carton flow.

If a shipping operation is waiting for more truck trailers or is temporarily under staffed, the sorter can slow down to accommodate.

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