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NORTH EASTON, MA – Boston Rack International, Inc., a leading provider of storage solutions in the U.S. and overseas, has announced the expansion of its line of environmentally-friendly products with the introduction of the AutoRoll™ conveyor systems.

The AutoRoll™ motorized roller conveyor system offers high speed, high quality product handling and no-pressure accumulation for most product storage needs. Its advanced run-on-demand features allow for greater storage control and less potential for product damage, while significantly reducing energy consumption.

In addition, the AutoRoll™ roller conveyor system is easier to install and weighs significantly less than conventional conveyor equipment.

“As far as energy costs, this product offers about a 30 percent reduction in electrical usage. It is a safer product, reduces maintenance costs and reduces noise level,” said Erik Myers, sales account manager for Boston Rack International’s office in Atlanta.

In introducing AutoRoll™, Boston Rack International continues at the helm of providing savvy storage solutions to the green-minded consumer.

“This is an expansion to our offering. We see it as more of a requirement from our customers,” Myers said. “We’re hearing a lot that their budgets are focused more on the green initiatives at this time. This is another area in which we can help them out.”

With a tightening economy and reduced budgets, consumers are looking for reduced costs and increased productivity. Boston Rack International plans on continuing to meet such demand through quality products like AutoRoll™.

“We’re trying to leverage our manufacturers’ products to best suit our customers’ needs. We have a lot of customers that are looking for this type of solution, and it is something we are able to provide,” Myers said.

For additional information, contact Erik Myers at 770-642-9130 or Lenny Charles at 949-757-1377.

To learn more, visit, or call (508) 230-5755.

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