AXCESS, GlobeRanger Partner for Active RFID Applications

Axcess International Inc., a provider of RFID and video surveillance systems for physical security and supply chain management, and GlobeRanger, a provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based software solutions, announced a strategic partnership that will integrate AXCESS' Active-Tag RFID products with GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware platform. The partnership will provide comprehensive capabilities to easily incorporate active, passive and sensor-based systems within one solution and manage the infrastructure for enterprise-wide, multi-site deployments.

AXCESS' active RFID tags and sensors can enable businesses to monitor, control and track personnel, assets, inventory and vehicles throughout the enterprise and deliver tag data over the network to GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware platform. Sensor data such as temperature, pressure and motion can now be incorporated with data from passive RFID systems to give users a complete operational view. Supply chain and asset management solutions that blend passive and active RFID technologies can decrease labor cost, accelerate fleet vehicle turnarounds, improve inventory control, and reduce theft and shrinkage. Industry analysts have projected the payback period for active RFID solutions are generally shorter than 18 months.

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