B2eMarkets Acquires AdaptiveTrade Optimizations

ROCKVILLE, MD, February 17, 2004-B2eMarkets, Inc., a leading provider of best of breed strategic sourcing solutions, today announced that it will acquire the assets of AdaptiveTradeTM, a leader in decision optimization software.

“The acquisition of AdaptiveTrade further solidifies our position as the leader in best-of-breed strategic sourcing solutions,” said Orville Bailey, President and CEO of B2eMarkets. “We believe that companies must go beyond auctions and eRFX to achieve sustainable benefits and drive organizational transformation. Optimization is a key component in enabling this transformation.”

David Hope-Ross of Gartner, Inc. stated, "Fundamentally, decision optimization creates business value because it enables buyers to make better sourcing decisions. Optimization is fast becoming a market requirement because, in the real world, conscientious buyers strive to strike the best balance between cost, quality, risk, and innovation."

Many requests for proposal (RFPs) are complex, containing thousands of line items and are bid upon by hundreds of suppliers with various pricing models. As a result, sourcing professionals must consider the interdependences between thousands of line items and hundreds of bids. AdaptiveTrade’s optimization software enables buyers to simultaneously evaluate all supplier bids while incorporating business rules, procurement policies, and other non-price factors such as quality, delivery schedules, and current contract compliance. With AdaptiveTrade's optimization software, buyers are empowered to conduct exhaustive what-if analyses to compare various trade-offs and purchase options to arrive at the best award decision.

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