Background Suppression Sensors for Conveyors

Background Suppression Sensors for Conveyors

Pepperl+Fuchs GLV18 Series photoelectric sensors are now available in Background Suppression models. They feature a mechanically adjustable sensing range cut-off that enables precise detection of all colors at distances up to five inches. Black and white test objects are seen to within 6% of the same distance, as opposed to a standard diffuse mode sensor in which sensing ranges for black and white test objects can vary by around 80%.

With background suppression, corrugated cardstock to be printed can be detected without detecting the machine panel below the cardstock. This means more precise and reliable sensing without the need for a reflector, or the need to frequently re-adjust a sensors’ sensitivity. Also, the sensor’s very low color sensitivity means objects with changing print, color, or reflectivity are detected at a consistent distance without the need for re-adjustment or re-positioning.

When mounted through the sidewall of a conveyor for the reflector-less detection of cartons, totes, or cases, the GLV18 protrudes less than other M18 cylindrical sensors. This means conveyors can be placed closer together and ultimately consume less space.


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