Ball Transfers

Uniquely designed versions of “Euro” ball transfer units from SKF® feature integral spring clips to enable quicker installation on floors or other surfaces. The clips eliminate any need for fasteners, loose hardware, or “fixing” holes. When installed, the ball transfers can serve as practical and durable alternatives to carts and casters by creating a ready-made surface over which materials can glide from one location to another.

Ball transfers incorporate a large load-bearing ball that sits upon many small balls encapsulated in a hemispherical cup. The load-bearing ball easily rotates in any direction upon contact to allow products, boxes, components, or other items to be moved along easily.

Three prongs in these spring-clip ball transfers provide a secure fit when positioned in designated location holes. Material up to 3mm thickness can be used for a snap-fit and thicker material will achieve an interference fit. Clips are zinc-plated carbon steel.

Spring-clip “Euro” ball transfers are offered in 22mm ball diameter sizes with a load rating of 160kg (352 lbs.) per ball. Available ball materials include carbon steel, stainless, or nylon. Unit housings can be zinc-plated steel or stainless. “Exit holes” allow dirt and debris to escape for extended service life without contaminants. Units can be equipped with felt or plastic seals.

Contact Sharon Tiwold, SKF USA Inc., 1530 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, PA 18017-2266. Phone: 800-541-3624 (toll-free) or 610-861-3733. Fax: 610-861-3716. Email: [email protected] Web site:

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