Balluff High-Temperature RFID Tag

Balluff High-Temperature RFID Tag

Balluff Inc. announces a new industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) tag designed to withstand limited exposure to temperatures of 392 °F.

The compact tag measures 40 x 22 x 6.5 mm and complies with the open ISO 15693 standard, according to Balluff. The high-temperature tag is suitable for tracking parts and gaining traceability into manufacturing processes. Balluff says painting and coating operations, in which heat sealing, oven drying or curing may occur, are examples of applications for the high-temperature tag. Reading and writing of data usually takes place at temperatures 158°F or less. The tag allows unlimited reading and writing of data and user memory of 112 numerical bytes or ASCII characters, adds Balluff.

Balluff Inc.

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