Balluff Metal-Mount RFID System

Balluff Metal-Mount RFID System

Balluff introduces a direct metal-mount (M-M) RFID system designed for track-and-trace applications in manufacturing, assembly or closed-loop logistics processes.

The system uses a non-contact, ISO 15693-compliant passive data carrier technology, which allows the RFID tag to be mounted directly on any alloy or metal surface without interference or loss in range.

The M-M tags and heads offer a range of 52 mm to 65 mm, regardless of the alloy content of the metal. They work on aluminum, which tends to cause the most loss in range for passive RFID. The tags are contained in a housing to allow flexible mounting and can operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to as high as 130°C for up to 1,000 hours of continuous, idle exposure.

Balluff says the tags can be mounted directly on metal pallets, totes or even on parts without the use of plastic spacers.


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