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Bar Code Design Software

Bar Code Design Software

TEKLYNX International offers LABELVIEW 9 bar code and label design software, which allows users to quickly create labels and bar codes and encode RFID tags. Custom forms simplify data entry, resulting in improved productivity and fewer errors. Integration with other systems is included and optimized for automated label printing.

The software supports more than 50 barcode types and 25 interface languages. It is GS1-certified and helps organizations meet compliance standards in virtually any industry.

Wizards simplify the creation of barcodes and the addition of images, text and other information. A label conversion tool makes it easier to upgrade labels and helps manage printing by recommending the appropriate extended driver to use with the existing printer.

This software offers the ability to transition to enterprise-level solutions as operations grow. It retains all core label archives, eliminating the need for additional data entry during the upgrade.

TEKLYNX International

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