Bar-Code Enabled Packaging

Bar-Code Enabled Packaging

Sealed Air enhanced its SpeedyPacker Insight foam-in-bag system with a bar code scanning interface, allowing customers to use their existing unique product identification bar code to automatically initiate a pre-programmed package design and cushion sequence. By automating this process, Sealed Air has reduced the potential for under packaging, which can lead to damage, as well as over packaging, which results in costly packaging waste. Because the packers don’t have to choose which cushions go with which product, the learning curve for new and seasonal labor is dramatically reduced.

To program the system, companies input design and sequence information into a spreadsheet, which is then uploaded onto the SpeedyPacker Insight system through a USB drive. A single USB drive can be used to download the information to multiple systems in high-volume operations, eliminating the need to manually program each system through the operator touch screen. Once the spreadsheet is loaded, the system can store unique information for tens of thousands of bar codes, while changes and additions can be made in seconds by downloading updated spreadsheets.

Sealed Air

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