Barcode Labels

Pre-printed barcode labels from William Frick & Company are durable, customizable and available in all popular symbologies. Generated from your database or serialized information, they help keep your assets organized and your inventories up to date. A variety of formats, materials and mounting systems are available for any location, environment or application.

"Barcodes remain the primary way companies track and organize their warehouses," explained Brent Howell, Business Development Manager for William Frick & Co. "Our barcode labels, placards, rack labels and other markers can be tailored to any environment or application. We regularly create custom solutions with human-readable characters, long-range scannable barcodes and RFID enabled tags and labels for our clients."

Using your database or variable information, Frick can build barcode labels for almost any environment. By starting with durable substrates, adding custom laminations and using high-strength adhesives and magnetic backings, Frick tags and labels last for years - even in high-traffic areas. Outdoor durable versions for labeling utility poles, pedestals, transformers and data collection/inspection are also available.
Custom designs for all your warehouse identification needs

Whether you need retro-reflective rack labels, long-range ceiling placards or aisle signs, or individual labels, Frick has the barcode solution to keep your warehouse or logistic center running smoothly. With an in-house design studio and more than 33 years of experience they can help you create solutions that streamline your processes and save you time and money.

From serialized barcodes to thermal transfer blank labels to custom crafted nameplates and durable SmartMark™ RFID tags, they have everything you need to keep track of all your materials, products and assets. For more information, contact William Frick & Co. at (847) 918-3700 and talk with one of their experts or visit

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