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Battery Management for Small Fleets

Battery Management for Small Fleets

Philadelphia Scientific’s iBOS basic is designed specifically for small fleet owners – and at a lower cost. Warehouses and distribution centers can save money in three ways: faster battery changes; less frequent battery changes; and longer-lasting batteries, reducing the frequency of battery purchases.

iBOS basic can manage up to 31 chargers within a single pool of batteries of the same voltage used for the same type of lift truck. The system instructs operators which battery to choose based upon which one has had the longest cool down time since charging.

A backlit display clearly indicates the number of the battery to take next. If an operator selects an incorrect battery, a built-in alarm sounds. The display screen provides detailed information about the fleet including the number of batteries presently available, battery availability over the previous 24 hours, the number of batteries selected and the percentage of incorrect selections.

Philadelphia Scientific

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