Battery Monitoring for Peak Performance

Battery Monitoring for Peak Performance

The EnerSys Wi-iQ battery monitoring system collects a range of battery operating data, including amp hours (AH) charged and discharged, temperature voltage and electrolyte level. This data can be uploaded via wireless communication to a computer containing the Wi-iQ Reporting Suite analytical software, which provides quick-glance exception reporting as well as easy to use battery operation and condition reports.

Ensuring proper charging and discharging of a battery fleet can increase available battery capacity and reduce battery replacement costs.

Universal DC cable sizing accommodates all battery types with up to 4/0 cable sizes. A temperature warning enables the monitoring of high-temperature risks and voltage imbalance notification indicates possible trouble with cells before battery failure occurs.

The device captures and records up to 2,555 cycles of battery data and provides wireless data downloading to a personal computer within a range of 100 feet.


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